Iceland Map Dev


Thats looking good :yum:


I can tell you guys that the weapons are fully modeled and hopefully ready for unity editing. And do you guys want to see a weapons reveal? I would love to reveal some of the less exciting guns to save the best for last.


This last week, I worked a lot on the mountains and bouldering (I also converted the map to Unity 2017 and new objects works now !)

We (Rolling_Chair and me) are working on vehicles (rolling is making the most of the work on this side)
We may add screens in the next week :smiley:
Thanks for reading this.


Would recommend making a new Dev post next time, instead of just reviving a old post.
But that is neat, masterbundles or no?


Is it that old though?


That will be better thanks you x)
I think we will masterbundle everything at the end (so we we change things now without having to rebundle everything)


Nice map I like the mountain too :smiley:


New Devlog Iceland Map Devlog #2 :smiley:


GG, its look really nice