Iceland Map Devlog #2


Hello there ! This week Rolling_Chair and I worked on the Valkyrie, which is an assault helicopter as shown below :

The Valkyrie has 4 seats, and 2 of them are mounted dragonfangs on the sides.

Rolling also worked on new guns, and I worked on the mountains of the map.

Reykjavik, the main city.

Thank you for reading, If you have suggestions or questions, ask us below :smiley:

Iceland Weapon Devlog : Iceland weapons Dev

Iceland Map Dev

might want to not have 2 dragonfangs, just a thought.


The “dragonfangs” are now HMGs, but they will change to low caliber weapons (they will not be able to destroy structures or good vehicles)


i would recommend not having 2 though.


You vs the Guy she tells you not to worry about





hecc yea


One thicc boi


whats wrong with one on each side? they are low caliber and thats how military helicopters usually are.


in terms of balance, it’s um. A bit overkill.


not really. you probably can find the weapons mounted on it easier than finding the heli.


@Rolling_Chair is that a comanche?


sorry for the late reply and yes it is


you did a bang on job brother