Iceland Map Devlog #3

Hello :smiley:

New things for the Iceland map !
First, we have a third developper in the team, Husky is joining us !

  • I worked on the materials of the map so it looks more snowy :

  • There is a lack of trees in Iceland, so we made new kind of structures, made of ice :

We still have work to do on it, but this is what we have done at the moment.

  • The npcs that were in a hospital were moved to a custom coast guard ship to allow boat spawning quests :

  • Rolling and Husky are working on objects and vehicles (electric ones too).

Thanks for reading this log, if you have feedbacks, you can tell us below :smiley:

Previous log :


Hell yeah, this looks really great. I’m hyped for this map.

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that’s the ICGV Thor, right? :wink:

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Yes it is, and I might add another lake above theese x)

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Thats a long sausage.

Looks more like a cartoon thumbs up to me

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I’ve wanted to see a map that does custom buildables for so long. Good job!


left nut, thumb, looks about the same to me

I changed it


the right one is the dominant one

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when the lake drops, i get a deeper voice

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How do you get the ice structures? Like the materials for it?

Breakable iceberg perhaps? haha

Good job on the map, it’s really good

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Thank you :smiley:
And you will be able to break ice chunk that will drop you ice (that can be turned into water) and reinforced ice (that is used to make structures)


Water as in an item. That you can drink. Like you can craft it into a water bottle?

Is there an easter egg?

Most mapmakers really like to insert inside jokes or references into their maps, so safe to say they’re most likely would be.

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I think so, it might look strange, but it’s useful

Stone, there are easter eggs on the maps.

is there penguins

Ice as a resource?

Hook me the fuck up