Iceland Map Devlog #4



Hello everyone !
Here’s a new dev log about the Iceland Map :

  • First, I reworked a lot the southern coast of the map to fit with the real Iceland by adding the glacier lagoon and diamond beach :

  • We also worked on the NPCs, and some quests ! We made a main questline I will not reveal now :

The place does not have enough NPCs yet to feel alive, but it will be improved in the future.

The ship now has a Captain, two Commanders, a Radio Operator and a Scientist.

  • In the last dev log, we showed Ice structures, you can now craft them with ice chunks you can mine on “ores” :

(I’m glad I have an Icy pickaxe to mine it !)

  • Rolling also worked on new weapons, like the Mamba, the Coast Guard pistol :

Thank you for reading this ! We will publish more content in the future.
You can, of course, leave comments of what you think, or ideas you have :smiley:

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Looks like we’re on thin ice here my friends. The apocalypse is about to arrive.


Wait rolling? Wdm


that looks really cool. Good job


Rolling is one of the devs


this looks really cool, good job guys


okay, for a second I though rolling stuff was in 3.0


How close is it to completion and how many locations so far?


Yay another iceland Map devlog!


I don’t even know lol