Iceland Map Devlog #4

Hello everyone !
Here’s a new dev log about the Iceland Map :

  • First, I reworked a lot the southern coast of the map to fit with the real Iceland by adding the glacier lagoon and diamond beach :

  • We also worked on the NPCs, and some quests ! We made a main questline I will not reveal now :

The place does not have enough NPCs yet to feel alive, but it will be improved in the future.

The ship now has a Captain, two Commanders, a Radio Operator and a Scientist.

  • In the last dev log, we showed Ice structures, you can now craft them with ice chunks you can mine on “ores” :

(I’m glad I have an Icy pickaxe to mine it !)

  • Rolling also worked on new weapons, like the Mamba, the Coast Guard pistol :

Thank you for reading this ! We will publish more content in the future.
You can, of course, leave comments of what you think, or ideas you have :smiley:

Previous devlog : Iceland Map Devlog #3


Looks like we’re on thin ice here my friends. The apocalypse is about to arrive.


Wait rolling? Wdm

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that looks really cool. Good job


Rolling is one of the devs

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this looks really cool, good job guys

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okay, for a second I though rolling stuff was in 3.0

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How close is it to completion and how many locations so far?

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Yay another iceland Map devlog!

I don’t even know lol

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