Iceland weapons Dev


Hello guys it’s me rolling chair and i am here to show you guys some of the “not exciting” weapons that will be added to Iceland.

First off is the Lawbringer shotgun, i have plans for it to spawn in the police station (ironic lol)

Iceland Map Devlog #2

so bluntforce+? It looks a lot better in my opinion, what is it based off of?


Well its was originally based off the Remington 870, but i modified it so it looks a lot cooler (no pun intended lol)


This will definitely be a interesting workshop mod, I take that’s where it’s going at least, think Tiway mentioned it at one point. Workshop maps with custom content are really rare.


Looks awesome :smiley:


You should add some civilian weapons with wooden stocks.


Marksman rifle replacing the hawkhound and the schofield


Cool design. Better than the Bluntforce imo :+1: