Iceland Map Devlog #8

Hello everyone :smile:

It has been a while since we posted a devlog of the map, but we are still working hard !

We worked on a big hidden location called “The Rift” :

As you can see, the whole place is flooded. You will be able to know why by exploring the bunker, listening the ship’s crew and reading notes.

We also worked a little bit on the quests, one of them is linked to these Wind turbines :

They are animated and turn !

Due to exams and vaccation we did not post a lot today, but we will continue working on the map until it’s done !

Thank you for reading this small devlog, you can react to what we did on the comments below,
The Iceland Team.

Previous Devlog : Iceland Map Devlog #7


Sounds pretty good to me.


Keep up the good work mate


that underwater location looks fucken sick. Can’t wait to check this stuff out.

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Imagine actually living past 12 years old. This post by antivax gang

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I put vaccines spawns in the bunker so I send you the uno reverse card

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