Ideas For Police Related Items and Vehicles




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but pertaining to the real post

I always thought it would be cool for military or police gear to have special reserved slots that can ONLY hold handcuffs, tasers, small pistols, or etc. Then players can just have extra materials like that lying around to uhm… you know, maybe use? It’s just a free space for those kinds of jank items in case the time ever comes. Otherwise if they weren’t reserved then I guess people would just fill them with literally anything else :man_shrugging:

Badges? Returning? 2.0? You gotta screenshot? :sweat_smile: sounds neat.

I don’t know how I feel about bullets being completely blocked or stopped by vests. Inevitably that would mean stuff like military vests doing the same, but with even bigger caliber bullets. That doesn’t seem very fun - and if anything, just solidifies people’s position on the top of the food chain further. Perhaps they could block, but severe durability per shot (10%?). Sure you can shoot in the head, arms, legs, but idk, I usually I am for the torso and let recoil bring me up to the head by random chance. But then afterall it’s just 9mm aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Very neat idea ^w^

Sorta like RCMP SUV’s? neat.

Why stop there? If horses are planned, why not Police Horses? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

half joke half real nelson pls police horses are a legitimate thing :L

Further going with this “customization per map” could be other things that don’t make sense on a global-wide scale, such as notes being used in Canada, USA, and France. Is there some sort of world-wide Illuminati that supply these national banks with the same universal currency? :thinking: I talked about this before, and what you’re saying would also be cool for this sort of thing. Because then further speaking, you could have different sirens for different countries and places :smiley:


Alright so for all peoples yelling France is flooded by terrorists , I live in Paris and it’s a calm city , most of suburbs are very calm as well ^^ .


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What I meant is that the older pics of U3 have them:

But for some reason this was changed.

Oh and police horses are a pretty good suggestion. Maybe in cities you could find a stable near a police station where there’d be a decent breed of horse.


and we also need bullet time, saloons a detailed story and complex npcs
jokes aside, horses would be nice if not too complicated


riots in background

i have lived in Paris for a while, and honestly it’s a real great place. some of the suburbs are kinda sad though, homeless people and poverty etc.


that would explain the riots :P

and you all know what riots in France mean >:)



iirc the police shirts had them replaced with walkie talkies in the same update that added the sheriff badge cosmetic


Lol no , we pretty much have riots every 2 years , it’s just we french who love to do crap over nothing ^^


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Police cars should actually be good imo.

They should be significantly more resistant to lower caliber bullets as well, hell maybe even have that interior fence thing, or one way glass or something.

If vehicles had a type of torque system where some cars would be able to hit another car/object better, the police car should be capable of this.


Honestly, the sheriff badge would be great if they moved it over a bit so it isn’t impaling my shoulder whenever I move.