Improved Base Building

As we all know, Nelson says he wants to send 4.x into a more survival based path. Because of this, I think that we should all focus on coming up with unique survival based ideas rather than better raiding etc. A few ideas I propose for better base building is more variety with what you can place and more variety in the materials you can build with.

im not going to go into much detail but ill give the gist of the idea.

if you have played the game for any time at all then im sure you can see that every base you see is virtually the same. it will be a box with a door or two and maybe some windows etc so i think there should be more options to choose from when building a base.
One idea is a sort of gated air lock. there could be different tiers like a metal fence wall or a wooden picket fence half wall (that players without the parkour skill couldnt jump over). i think this could make for some cool airlocks that give the player more freedom to make sure theyre not being door camped. maybe a barbed fence wall could be the tier after metal fence wall, where only one side of the fence wall has barbed wire, hurting people outside the airlock but not inside.
Another idea could be a garage door with peep holes for shooting players outside. you get the idea, just little things that give a little more variety and keeps intruders paranoid, not sure which angle to watch. this could be a small way of discouraging raiders.

As for more building materials i thought this post was pretty good in describing new materials that should be in 4.x

if you have anything to add to my completely disorganized post, go ahead and reply to this one with your suggestion and ill add it (and possibly take more time to make this less headache inducing). thanks for reading everyone.


People point this out a lot recently, but are acceptable of certain things that don’t quite fit that idea…


People are (unintentionally) using it too much as justification for what should just be their bias and opinions.

I disagree here, considering this post is about base building. Raiding and base building go hand-in-hand. Preferably, you’d want to at least focus on the “raiding” aspect of it before any aesthetic parts. Otherwise, you’d just get Unturned 3’s base system again. A feature is only as important as it is developed. Building needs all of itself to function to be usable.

It feels pretty well agreed that, in many circumstances, building a base can be quite redundant. If it was easier to keep a base up, you’d probably see honeycombed hexagon bases more often. In either case, I think its fair that people would all build the same if it’s the most efficient. Not too easily avoidable.

Maybe there could be more dedicated versions of things instead of using preexisting barricades and such, but all of this is already possible with freeform and barbed wire fences. (Although whether or not freeform should exist in Unturned 4.x as it is now is its own thing.)


I personally think freeform buildables should be in 4.x, but they definitely need to be reworked.

Being able to build pathways across rooftops, making houses out of scrap, barricading doorways. All of this is really fun to do and opens up more possibilities. But there’s a so many issues with freeform already, like building skybridges, or putting a hundred barbed wire fences on an APC. It’s great to be able to fortify an area with raw materials, but I don’t know how to fix all of the problems, besides maybe adding collision and stability mechanics to them. Even then that wouldn’t do that much.

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