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Currently in Unturned we have three types of wood and metal for building. The structures created bare no difference other than aesthetic and health variance. It is time to expand upon this in 4.x

Something I strongly believe will make 4.x better is to elaborate on Tiers and Tiered Raiding. The base building as of 3.x is great and I am not bashing on it, however in my opinion it is as tasteful as a box of wheat thins. Enjoy my suggestions, and if you have anything constructive to say… as always be my guest to give your input.

Building Tiers

(Tier 1) Wood
Wood is basic and likely the most abundant resource to the player upon entry to a brand new server. Here are changes I would like to see to it.

  1. Requires 5 logs to create structures (3 for Ramparts and Pillars)
  2. Remove the marginal difference in health and have all wood act the same, just appear different in aesthetic.
  3. Vulnerability to Fire, Raid Guns and Explosives

(Tier 2) Brick
Bricks are a step up from wood by elimating the threat of fire, however other threats such as guns and explosives still strike fear.

  1. Requires 5 Bricks (3 for Ramparts and Pillars)
  2. For the absolute love of god, make bricks more common and craftable
  3. Requires Lvl 1 Crafting
  4. Vulnerable to Raid Guns and Explosives

(Tier 3) Concrete
Concrete is stronger than Brick structures, it bares a signifigant resilience towards bullets, reducing the damage of raid guns but still recieving full damage from explosives.

  1. Requires 5 Cement to create (3 for Ramparts and Pillars)
  2. Cement can be found in construction sites or created with Rocks
  3. Requires Lvl 2 Crafting
  4. Reduced damage to Raid Guns. Full from Explosives

(Tier 4) Composite
A combination of Sheet Metal and Concrete, the best materials to build a base with. Raid Guns are no longer a threat to these structures as bullets are stopped completely. Explosive damage is reduced, taking down composite will take a lot of effort.

  1. The best material to build with
  2. Requires 5 Cement and 4 Sheet Metal (3 Cement and 2 Sheet Metal for Pillars and Ramparts)
  3. Requires Lvl 3 Crafting
  4. Bulletproof and reduced damage from Explosives

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I can’t like this enough

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Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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@NarcolepticHound Revolutionizing the system, you madman!

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Am I the only one who saw my name in your reply?
Because I don’t remember last time I ate glue to start seeing things now

@Kylie Actually inspired me with their talk on the Base Building Discussion thread

Actually its just because I’m an idiot and typed your name as I read it instead of typing Narcoleptic’s name.

We’re all in this together! ^-^
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Fair enough

I put a strawpoll in the post for you guys

(Tier 5) Steel
Made of solid steel. Impervious to all firearms and incredibly resistant to explosives.

  1. THE best material to build with
  2. Requires a ton of metal.
  3. Bulletproof and increased damage from explosives.

Where is the player getting all the steel? What are they using to weld it? It takes 1/4 to 1/2 an inch of steel to stop a bullet. All huge questions to be considered.

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Also very abusable on certain servers.

Steel can be melted.

how much metal are you using exactly? that would just be too OP. I think 4 tiers are enough with the last one being concrete and metal sheets. The solid walls of Unturned.

If you’re melting it you need metal casts made of even harder to get metal. You cant just “melt steel” into a wall. A completely steel base is impractical.

well, I kinda got confused between steel and metal, but the bottom line is that I don’t want metal bases to be the top tier bases

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I agree tbh

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This is Unturned we’re talking about, so practicalibility isn’t a factor

5 is actually too much, Could be 4. Wood should have all the same health, but way more weak, really weak, and should be used planks to build it, sounds more realistic to me.

I wish Freeform base building had more importance in Unturned tbh. They look a lot cooler too, than typical structure bases. :frowning:

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