The Unturned II Building Bible

I’ve been away for some time. Have this and enjoy.

An Introduction

A Summary

The Building Bible

In summary, the Building Bible will propose use of new building tools, new materials and a new station to use for producing building materials. New structures and buildables will also be proposed for Unturned II.

Building Tools & Functionality

Functionality of Building Tools

I would like to vouch for the hammer (And perhaps a makeshift variant) to become the master building tool for Unturned II.

The Hammer


A personal thanks to SleeplessKnights, RedComm and Davidoz. You guys rock.

This is the hammer, an old friend from Unturned and Unturned Classic.
The tool was never really anything special. This was until a few other forum lads got together and decided to give this meager tool some well deserved attention.

Makeshift Recipe: (x4)Sticks + (x1)Tape + (x2)Stone = Makeshift Hammer
The makeshift variant will only be able to build wood and brick structures, while the regular hammer can construct everything.

Hammer Functionality

The hammer can be utilized to place down buildable structures. When you melee a placed structure that belongs to you, it can be repaired. (IE, Walls, Roofs, Pillars, that good stuff.) The hammer may also be used to repair naturally spawning structures and barricades. (Be it fences, doors, ect.)

Left Clicking with the hammer will perform its standard melee swing.
The power attack however will be replaced with building functionality.

Right Clicking will open a menu of structures to choose from, selecting a structure from this menu will render a “ghost” of where you will place it.

Left Clicking with rendered “ghost” will place the planned structure down.
Right Clicking with rendered “ghost” will cancel the placement / exit the selection menu.

I will not get into what this menu should look like, however that is definitely free for discussion in the comments.

The Crowbar


Want to salvage your structures faster? This tool can help with that! The crowbar is designed for prying structures and buildables apart, instead of having to do that with your blocky hands.

Utilizing the crowbar will work exactly like normal salvaging, holding down Interact on a buildable you placed. Hopefully will play an animation while doing so.

In order to keep this function from being completely broken, it will only reduce it to 66.6% the time of normal salvaging.

The Sledgehammer


The Sledgehammer works much like the Crowbar does. It reduces the salvaging time to 33.3%, however only refunds around 75% of the structure. (Taking building health into account as well.)

The Sledge may also be used for low-level raiding, limited to knocking down locked wood doors and providing entry to shoddy bases.

The Construction Stations

Introducing the Construction Stations

The Purpose

The Construction Stations are proposed assets that will help pace the game’s progression. Different stations required to unlock new items and craft. The Construction Stations will also allow you to conserve inventory space by converting your raw materials into building materials, which allow stacks of 100.

Tablesaw: 5 Logs + 4 Scrap Metal (Allows creation of Kiln)
Kiln (Crafting I): 10 Stones + 2 Scrap Metal + 1 Wire (Allows creation of Metalworks)
Metalworks (Crafting II): 10 Scrap Metal + 4 Logs + 2 Stone (Allows creation of Rotary Kiln)
Rotary Kiln (Crafting III): 20 Scrap Metal +4 Logs+ 2 Wire

New Additions

New Building Materials

New Materials to work with

When boil the materials down in Unturned, there was really only two materials.

Wood and Metal.

You can lecture me all you want about how the completely trivial 3 types of wood existed, or how bricks existed (Hah thats funny). I don’t give a rats behind about it.

Point is, more materials would be nice to see.
I would like to propose we have

• Wood
• Bricks
• Sheet Metal
• Reinforced Concrete

(I have talked about these in a thread prior to this one, but I’ve decided I want to go further in depth.)
Listed from weakest to strongest respectively.
I hope that with Unturned II, the building aesthetics will be a lot better with the higher poly count. Please do the metal and brick structures some justice.

The addition of some new resource nodes into the game is necessary, but here is how it will ultimately play out.

Bricks can still be found at construction sites, as well as sheet metal. In quantities of 5 to 10.
Reinforced Concrete will have to be crafted exclusively from Sand, Stone and Metal with no other ways of obtaining it.

Basic Structure Recipes

Basic Construction and Recipes

I'm going to borrow a few previously stated mechanics and attributes of the building materials from my post here:

Base Building | Building Tiers (Old Thread, will review here anyways.)

For a Quick Review

Will include crafting levels just in case those persist to Unturned II.

Wood (500HP)(Flammable)(No Skill)
• The only type where the construction table isn’t necessary for making structures.
• Floors/Walls/Roofs cost 3 Logs or 15 Lumber(Refined Wood)
• Pillars/Triangular Roofs/Triangular Floors cost 2 Logs or 10 Lumber(Refined Wood)

Brick (1000HP)(Crafting Lvl I)
• Floors/Walls/Roofs cost 15 Bricks(Refined Clay)
• Pillars/Triangular Roofs/Triangular Floors cost 10 Bricks(Refined Clay)

Sheet Metal (1500HP)(Crafting Lvl II)(Bullet Resistance)(Partial Blast Resistance)
• Floors/Walls/Roofs cost 25 Sheet Metal(Refined Scrap Metal)
• Pillars/Triangular Roofs/Triangular Floors cost 15 Sheet Metal(Refined Scrap Metal)
50% Resistance to raid guns
15% Resistance to explosions

Reinforced Concrete (3000HP)(Crafting Lvl III)(Bulletproof)(Blast Resistance)
• Floors/Walls/Roofs cost 35 Reinforced Concrete(Refined Sand, Stone and Scrap)
• Pillars/Triangular Roofs/Triangular Floors cost 25 Reinforced Concrete(Refined Sand, Stone and Scrap)
Nullifies damage from raid guns
30% Resistance to explosions

Introduction to Electricity

Ins and Outs of Electricity in Unturned II

HFO Power Plants

Heavy Fuel Oil Power Plants, what used to give all the cities in Unturned II electricity before the apocalypse.

Society has collapsed, so has the entire power grid due to not being manned for quite some time. All the fuel to power the turbine in the power plant has been long exhausted. If you want to make rebuilding society a personal mission, maintaining the power plant will play a key part in reviving electricity to nearby cities.

In real life, reestablishing a power grid is a serious fucking nightmare. But in Unturned II, it will be super simplified so no one has to go through the hell that is electrical wiring.

Step One: The Tank Truck

In order to transport fuel to the HFO power plant one will need to obtain a Tank Truck.

(Those big trucks with the shiny container at the back of it. I am aware these are used more commonly for gas stations, however these CAN technically supply fuel to power plants too.)

These Tank Trucks can be found naturally spawning at power plants, gas stations and even near construction stations. Will hopefully receive military armor so no average joe can just go and smack it with a hatchet, blowing up metric tons of fuel.

These Tank Trucks are no joke, they can hold up to 25,000 units of fuel. (Thats approximately 50 portable gas cans. A ton.)


Step Two: Finding the Fuel

There are a number of resources you can gather your surplus of fuel from.

• Siphoning Gas from stray Vehicles
• Siphoning Gas from the Gas Station
• Visiting the Fuel Reserve on the map
• Creating your own Fuel Reserve by creating Fuel Wells


Step Three: Back to the Power Plant

Now that some fuel has been obtained it is time to make a return to the Power Plant.
A fully filled Tank Truck will fuel the power plant for approximately 6 Hours (IRL time.).

Drive the Tank Trunk around to one of the Power Plant’s fueling stations. They will look like this:

Also refered to as a Booster Unit. The fuel from the Tank Truck will connect via pump, transfering the fuel into the booster unit, to the power plant.

Step Four: Saving the Power-grid

The power plant is fueled with that said and done, a few brave survivors will need to enter the power plant in order to turn on the Boiler. The Boiler will use the fuel to power a turbine, which will generate power and be transferred to cities via Pylons (Big Steel Towers) and Power-lines (The residential wood towers).

Basicly, the task is to enter the building’s control room and flip a fancy switch. While being attacked by hordes of the Turned inside of course.

Step Five: Service Panels

With the power restored to nearby cities due to the power plant functioning again. All you have to do is make sure the Service Panel is operational. Make sure its Turned On and the residence you decide to squat in should be good on power.


Congrats friend, you done it.

Electrical Wiring

Introducing, the Wire Cutters!


A new item that will be found at your local hardware store, gas station or civilian home.

Wire Cutters will be able to work with wires. Wiring will not be a complex process.
Additionally, wire cutters may be used for disarming dangerous barbed wire that may litter a battlefield, base or loot area.

Generator --(Wire to)–> Electronic
at the very most
Generator --(Wire to)–> Button/Switch --(Wire to)–> Electronic

Speaking of Buttons and switches, you may construct whichever to your liking.
Whether it is a Big Red Button, Industrial Switch or a Dial.
For the cost of only 1 Wire + 2 Scrap Metal

Anything being wired MUST be in the generator’s range.

New Structures, Mechanics, and Traps

New Additions to Building

New Structures

Convertable Roofs
Convertable Roofs are Roof-like structures that have the ability to open and close. Useful for setting up trap rooms, water collection rooms, kill rooms, secret rooms and bridges.

Wood: 3 Wood + 2 Rope + 1 Scrap Metal or 15 Lumber + 2 Rope + 2 Scrap Metal
Brick(Crafting Lvl I): 15 Bricks + 2 Rope + 1 Scrap Metal
Sheet Metal(Crafting Lvl II): 25 Sheet Metal + 2 Wire + 1 Scrap Metal
Reinforced Concrete(Crafting Lvl III): 35 Reinforced Concrete + 2 Wire + 1 Scrap Metal

• Must be powered and wired to a switch.
• Will be strikingly similar to a regular roof

Lattices are grids that will work similar to roofs. The holes in the grid can be used to let rainwater into player-constructed greenhouses or even catch someone in a deadly ambush from below or above by shooting through the floor.

Wood 10 Lumber
Sheet Metal(Crafting Lvl II): 15 Sheet Metal

• Lets in rainwater
• Can be shot through the holes

Water Systems

The Pipe Wrench


The pipe wrench will be a necessary tool used for placing and connecting pipes, rain tanks and water attachments.

Water Systems will be a new mechanic proposed in Unturned II, centered around the collection of water in excess.
Rain tanks are large structures that will collect large amounts of Rain, 10 units of water at full capacity.
With water systems you can transport clean water to the comforts of your base, as well as bathe your character to reduce infection by 10%. This will cost 2 units of water.

Water systems will work in conjunction (Attach/snap to existing structures) with regular structures.
Water Tank --(Connected)–> Pipes --(Connected)–> Water Attachment.



For all attachments and pipes
Sheet Metal(Crafting Lvl II): 15 Sheet Metal

For the Rain Tank
Sheet Metal(Crafting Lvl II): 35 Sheet Metal


Not the kind you think are girls, the classic type. Deadlier and sneakier traps are what I’m proposing for Unturned II.

Pitfalls will be small pits of spikes that will be placed into the ground, concealed by foliage. A stealthy trap that can be used in the open. The foliage will blend into whatever color grass is around. (Will not be concealed if underwater or in the sand. Must be in vegetation.).

This trap can only sustain one use before breaking.
Damages the player by 20%, might induce bleeding and grants a Slow debuff for 5 seconds.

Pitfalls in particular cannot be placed within 3 meters of each other, to prevent stacking multiple Pitfalls onto eachother.

(Crafting Lvl I) 8 Sticks + 2 Wood + 1 Shovel

Gas Traps
Gas Traps will work in conjunction with existing walls, snapping to them. Gas traps will be fueled by draining your spare chemicals in it.

Gas Traps can only be used once before needing to be refilled. They can only be triggered by a remote switch that is wired to the trap.
This trap in particular can be used for an execution room or for area-denial.

When activated, the trap creates a large cloud of gas for 25 seconds. Hurting the players caught inside at a rate of 2HP/second. Gas can be combated if the player possesses a gasmask completely eliminating the threat of the gas.

The squares surrounding the gas trap resembling structure wood floors for measurement.
Gas can be contained if it is surrounded by structures.

(Crafting Lvl II) 15 Sheet Metal + 2 Wire + 1 Chemicals + 1 Filter

As usual, keep comments constructive, or do whatever. Catch you guys on the flipside.

Edit History

Edit:(11/4/2018, 10:37pm Central Time) - Thank you everyone for your helpful feedback.
The following has been added to the thread;
• The Pipe Wrench
• Wire Cutter disarming Barbed Wire
• Sledgehammer replaced with Regular Hammer as the master-building tool
• Sledgehammer now has low-level raiding capability (Ability to bust down locked wood doors) and limited salvaging abilities
• Hammer should be able to repair naturally existing doors, barricades, ect.

Edit:(11/12/2018, 9:54pm) • Divided Construction Table into following stations:

Mini Rotary Kiln

• Added Power plants
• Added Service Panels
• Added Tank Truck


Its the



This is a very good idea. A much better system than 3.0’s, and a good compromise between complexity and simplicity.

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  • high quality, unique suggestion
  • formatted to perfection with several easy to understand points
  • balanced well, explained even more well, both mechanically and practically
  • solves so many problems at once
  • apparent attention to detail despite being so seemingly simple
  • references from eras long gone
  • image manipulation skills 100, has a custom made, comedic artwork as a header
  • literally no spelling or grammatical errors
  • lack of any ego or frustration whatsoever



For the first time in his entire life, GHJ is entirely devoid of any potential foothold upon which to make criticism. He has been outmatched by a god-tier suggestion that he has dedicated years in an attempt to reach. At this moment, varying emotions pour out from within, and with only the fullest of respect, he gives a like to what is a simply immaculate post.

(Great Hero J will be back shortly to provide some sort of additional feedback, after speculating his existence.)

What this actually means is expect me to be back and making some feedback tomorrow or something



also do you think sledgehammers being able to bust down doors and/or crowbars being able to open some otherwise inaccessible non-friendly containers (like car trunks) would be too op?


the way that you’ve suggested building walls with planks and logs makes it pointless to build with planks, because your building an extra material for no reason.

Now for some Constructive Criticism.
Sledgehammers While its a good idea in concept for use as a building tool, Sledgehammers were more Traditionally used as tools for Busting down walls in deconstruction, I.E. walls made of drywall or Not so Strong wood such as walls made of Plank as suggested above in the List of Material types.

Sledgehammers were however never meant to break Sheet metal or Reinforced concrete, adding to that it can only Break so much before you need to get Serious with something explosive or otherwise much more destructive than a simple blunt tool. Of Course if such a tool were able to break wood walls, and or brick possibly it would still need to be at least a little harder to find than your common melee weapon so as to provide some sort of balance in the system.

On the note of building. Would not a normal Sized hammer be better for building? A large hammer is all well and good, but it was never meant for precise work the likes of building something needs.

Crowbars: Thats Exactly what they are used for, prying apart structures without damaging them beyond proper use.

Well thats all i had to say, please dont send me any hate just here to be Lost in Thoughts.


Maybe add couple of tiers between like reinforced metal and reinforced wood and maybe scrap structures.


Hail God Nelson Hail the Bible


Maybe adding a non reinforced version of concrete? easier to create but have less durability.

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Perfection :o

My eyes give you a virtual pat in the back for using collapsed categories

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This looks like the most perfect suggestion ever, however I do have some stuff in mind that would turn out working better and making more sense.

This sounds good to me, but the sledgehammer should be replaced with the normal hammer. It wouldn’t only make more sense, it would also make the sledgehammer useful for salvaging structures faster (basically destroying them, more about that in a second).

The sledgehammer would work the same like the crowbar, but instead of reducing salvage time to 66.6%, it will reduce all the way to 33.3%. But, to make up for the fast salvaging, this would result in not giving the buildable back, but giving parts of the buildable back (for example: you built a metal wall. You use the sledgehammer to take it down, and you get about 3 or 4 metal sheets back or whatever else you used to craft the wall.) This would make more sense for the sledgehammer, seeing it’s mostly known as a destructive weapon used to take things down.

But back on the hammer instead of the sledgehammer for building. The hammer would get two variants: Makeshift and found by scavenging. The makeshift one would be the same as the 3.0 hammer, sticks and stone. Would be crafted by using (x4)Sticks + (x1)Tape + (x2) Stone (?) = Makeshift hammer. I am not sure about how stone would be acquired, or if it is even coming to UII in the first place. The hammer that’s found by scavenging is basically the normal hammer, but instead having a stone head it has a metal head.

For this however, I think there should be a difference between makeshift and the normal hammer. The makeshift hammer would only be able to craft structures made out of wood and bricks, possibly metal. The normal hammer (found by scavenging) would be able to craft wood and bricks, but also metal and reinforced concrete (if that’s gonna be implemented in UII, of course.).

The hammer would work the same as how you described the sledgehammer, left click is the attack and right click the building menu.

Overall this entire suggestion sounds amazing, and I’d love to see how Nelson would build around this if he sees this.


I think the sledgehammer should be the “raiding weapon.” The normal hammer would take up the building purpose.

Also, I think what were the “raiding guns” from
3.0 should be extremly ineffective at raiding (ie destroying the wall) but should be able to shoot through most of the wall surfaces.


Exactly what others said. The regular hammer should be the one used for building structures, and the sledgehammer be the one used for destroying structures. Crowbars should mainly be used as a tool or raiding weapon against doors and other wooded barricades, with only a limited effectiveness against sheet metal, and no effect against concrete.

In addition, the humble handsaw should also be effective at reducing logs into planks, but due to their design each log would yield fewer planks than if someone were to use a crafting station.

Wire cutters should be able to snip through barbed wire (no brainer), and I like your convertable roofs, however I believe that similar to Rust, there should be floors and then there should be roofs, with roofs actually having a sloped surface.

@Davidoz @SleeplessKnights @RedCo
I appreciate your feedback greatly on the topic of the Sledgehammer. Using the normal hammer actually seems like a better way to go considering realism is going to be a focus in UII.

Love the idea of snipping barbed wire with the wire cutters by the way RedComm!


Bruh, Im proud of you, you made some gud looking stuff for this EPIC suggestion XD

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Why the sledgehammer over the normal hammer? I think that’s really my biggest issue with the suggestion, everything else is pretty solid (although maybe adding one or two more building types wouldn’t be a bad idea, like stone or something)

EDIT: I see that’s been covered already. Also I’d like to bring up the idea of perhaps adding a bigger handsaw that can be used to cut planks, as well as obviously making the chainsaw capable of doing that as well.

I must agree with Hero J, this is a 10x10^100/10 post.

I have some observations and side suggestions anyway, but I’ll paste them tomorrow, I don’t wanna be that guy just yet.


I love you dude, and your post. No homo though.

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Great idea :smile: it is similar to the book from game the forest or mist survival . More things could be added to the book tho