Balanceament in weapons, Vehicles, contructions and raids

Okay, everybody in here unturned have a big problem have times and i already posted the subject of a
skill_tree more i don´t go speak of imaterial thinks i go speak of material balancement and this post realy probability is very large for this i go post a resume of idea and a long txt. sorry for my English and here go!

Speaking this for problems of balanceamet i went inspired for this post psa-leave-new-weapon-and-vehicle-ideas-aside in resume Yarr speak stop sugestion any weapon comes go in your head and balance this!

My sugestions for this

1 physic, a bullet travel indefinitivement at until you reach the maximum limit and disapear.
for this never more to happen i propose this
Position Count
#Mass + (speed x second) - (airresistence x second) + (gravity x second²) = position when bullet fall.

Damage Count
#Mass x Speed x hitbox + armor resistence = damage

Using this. The weapons just change fire rate and precision. maybe a percentage of damage to more and to less. its easy balancemet wepons using percentage

#Mass depends of why bullet your use
#Speed depends what is the weapon you use and why bullet you use
#Airresistence depends why bullet you use (note: this is to a bullet lose speed and cause less damage at distance!)
#Gravity dependence of map for (configurable;Patter G=9.8)

Using this a sniper is op in long distances more a ak no why the snipers shoot with more speed and have high caliber which are not so affected by air for example.

well on here have the most op and unbalanced weapon of all times the vehicles for balance this is simple more is hard to pilot in 2 sences!

the first sence is (the armored vehicles) don´t the apc and the helicopter i call of specify vehicles. unarmored vehicles. With piles and stacks of armored racks and stopping any idiot who dares try shoot in the vehicle the pilot and anything in the vehicle.

for this i supose create equipament to vehicles for example windowns and Crafted protection for wheels and others

the second sence is the vehicles stop very fast, speed up very fast, change direction very easyly, and don`t taken very damage when the pilot is inconpetence.

My sugestions is
#maybe add march (Reverse/Death poins/1/2/3/4/5/6 to change the acceleration).
#the car in less speed is very easy of change direction more in high speed no
#more damage when the pilot crashed. (is a very op form of kill why miss don`t have a very cost?)

Contructions And Raids
any copy of rust or other ideas is coincidence! okay now speaking serious , houses in unturned are very easy to construction and more very easy to destroy! the flag don`t protect your house why any genius build a ilogical pont and climb in the top of your house.

to constructions my sugestions are

more types of Materials View This Post

Need this for the next sugestions

add stability in houses this is a tecnick used in rust to balance how hight the constructions go in my opnion how many quality is the floor and the next material in the top of this floor more hight you build

More cost to build

encourage everyone or not build in cities or grief because the material is too expensive to waste!

remove types of barricages or the stability affect the antecipated barricage when how long is the first barricade it is.

floors degrade and how many floors have more fast the floors degrade.

Using this the people don`t go griefint to front so fast!

My sugestion For Raids

add gravity and people die when fall a long distances
Yeah i am a genius using this just people whe have a helicopter can`t raid for the roof

explosives don`t cause damage in area

Maybe in the otherside of wall more never in other walls

rockets cause area damage the suficient to kill people in a zone of 2 walls of distance more reduce the damage in constructions

First of all, formatting sucks.


instead of

because one is for listing, the other for quoting.

Secondly, most of these are pretty shitty no offense. I can barely understand them and it looks like it was haphazardly written with stuff strewn all over the place.

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I second this.

Very long post + bad formatting + person who doesn’t have English as their mother tongue = confusion/frustration

And what I did understand from the post, I didn’t agree with. Also most of this seems to be geared more towards mechanics that are central to 3.0 but will not be in 4.0.

You’ve went and necro’d like three of my posts dude chill.
Also, shameless advertising on two of them just to boost your own posts.

Lol i believe everyone noticed that
Just cut him some slack

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