Movements in 4.0

I admit nelson are maded a exelent work in development of unturned 4.0 and realy i liked very much the new post of 4.0 with this video.

probabily all in here viewer this video. and i go post my litle suggestions to animation and locomotion

                             LIST OF SUGETIONS
  1. Give movimentation for the head. maybe anythin, in stile of game rust and probability you go need protect the head placeling in the floor when you reload.
  2. Remove the possibity of move in the air. this irritant and ilogical.

well is this is a simple post and i have other ideas forget in the time more are in here the links

                            OTHER POSTS

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SRY FOR MY ENGLISH. well is this!

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I have no idea what this post is trying to say, and the actual “suggestion” is literally only two sentences long.

As far as I can understand, OP is asking for head movement and not being able to fly, but I don’t really get it. Anybody else have something to say?

He also mentions what he thinks is a likely possible bug (currently/in the future?).

This is stating that if the head can move, it needs to be stopped from clipping into things (like the ground), I assume.

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