Infrared Goggles

Infared goggles would make your vision far darker and make it fairly difficult to see your surroundings, but would be slightly brighter during day time as sunlight warms the ground. Zombies would also be hard to see, being a faint blue because they are dead and dont produce heat, while players, animals and npcs would be red/yellow/orange. The goggles would be fairly rare and only accesible through trips to deadzones with plenty of zombies in them to add a challenge and a proggression system. The goggles would be countered by flares and IR reflective foil, which could be found easily in some military locations. The flares when thrown would emit a incredibly bright glow to players wearing the goggles, due to the extreme heat. This would allow for not so geared players to counter geared players semi reliably. The reflective foil could be worn over clothes as another layer over normal clothes, and make you semi invisible to player wearing IR goggles as a end game and far more reliable counter to IR goggles.

Sorry for not formatting also please critique this

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I’d much rather this be a scope than goggles. While I’d bet both my kidneys any day that IR goggles exist, I’d much rather see heat vision be on a scope rather than goggles, just out of balance. It’d force you to use the IR scope instead of any other (much more practical) scope or sight, and would be an obvious mistake to use during the day.

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I made sure to factor IR optics into my planning for 4 so scopes and potentially goggles will be possible. :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to see how it’ll turn out in-game!


Oh damn nice that upped my excitement

Hey I got this idea earlier:

But it’s ok. I’m not mad :wink:. I am glad that Nelson likes this idea.

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I just saw that you mixed things up a bit. But don’t worry guys, I am here to help.
IR (infrared ): alive or metal/ motorised objects (zombies, players, animals and vehicles and metal objects like shipment containers ) are drawn white on a dark gray ground or drak gray on white ground. Houses, trees, roads and other “dead” things mostly look the same (dark gray). It’s pretty hard to hide, you have to stay in cover or wearing special, IR absorbing clothing. Bigger objects like vehicles can be hidden behind the foil you wrote about Just google “ArmA 3 infrared scope”. There are some good pictures of this.
Thermal vision: what you mixed up with IR. It shows how much heat a objects loose, hot things are coloured bright white, warm objects are yellow or red while cold things are blue and violet. You can easily hide/ prevent to get spotted by loosing less heat (wearing lots of clothes and cover your face with a bandana) or stay in cover
Please @SDGNelson , don’t mix it up or read the topic I linked in my former post here. But I’m happy to see that you mentioned it for 4.0

Fun Fact:
“Heat vision” Used to be a thing in Deadzone(Nelson’s roblox zombie survival game)
If i remember correctly,your vision would become black and white and player would stand out in a brighter color tone.

Indeed 'twas!

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