Inventory cosmetic items apply consistency into building structures

Slowly and little by little my inventory is stacking up cosmetic skins for weapons and tools. It strikes me as odd that while we can apply camuflage to firearms and even tools like the blowtorch… there is no such in-game application for walls. And not only that I wish to apply such colors to metal walls but also since we can harvest crops… why can’t we “plant” bushes around our bases?

I hate the current situation in which many people just have homes at plain sight… How can that be “Survival”?


If I’m right unturned 2 won’t have skins and painting on walls is confirmed

painting on walls ISNT confirmed tho?

idk thats why i sad If im right !

There aren’t skins per se in 4.X, atleast not in the same way they were implemented in 3.X. Nelson has stated he doesn’t want emersion breaking cosmetics in 4.X, but has also ensured us that he is taking into consideration the surprising amount of feedback he got when he said he was not including these marketable skins. There is however a system of item variations, and some of the modifiers included in it are purely visual in nature. Nelson has mentioned that foraged plants might be used to create dyes to modify clothing, and in the same note that paints might be included as well, (but there was no indication of whether these paints would be used to modify buildings, weapons, or vehicles. or just to get high) The variation system will be applied to all sorts of items, with some examples of modifiers being different materials of buildables, different colors and patterns of clothing, and different reticles of scopes.
With all that being said, I wouldn’t be surprised if color and maybe even pattern modifiers could be applied to buildables, by using paint.


Unturned 2.0 wont carry over the skins and wont have any steam skins, nelson wants to make a type of shop to sell skins there instead of having these skins from what i understand

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