Is there an archive for older versions of Unturned 3.0 predating the ones in the preview tab?

A few weeks back while going through some older Youtube videos from older Unturned creators seeing the old graphics and that we are on the verge of another update that will change cars.
My question was if Nelson might have a kept a archive of Unturned versions going as far as version (Yukon’s release)?

So that I could maybe once again see the game for how I saw it the very first time on PEI.

There are branches for older Unity versions but I don’t think anything that far back would be officially supported. @danaby2 might have an old version, probably not.

Yeah well while thinking about it at the time my only second idea if their wouldnt be a archive. Would depend on a lot of luck to skim through the steam user list to try and identify users who might have played the game during that time and left it at that. Leaving the game to idle on their computer or maybe having upgraded to a new one leaving the older version on the older pc collecting dust.

But like I mentioned the chances of tracking down a version specific build after seven years are pretty slim but maybe atleast you could try to locate one of the most oldest 3.0 versions with this approach.

Steam has its own ‘archive’, you can download game versions from specific manifests.

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I did that but I have one issue when I try to run the game it shortly shows up in my taskbar and then eruptly closes how can I fix that?

I have an archive someone posted on the subreddit years ago of like 20 old unturned versions going back to like, idk where it is tho


Found this where you shared the older builds also