It was a home, but not any home; it was a collection of buildings, although a thin layer of dust coated everything

I’ve thought it over. I’m not really alone; while the power’s still on, I’ve always got e-mail; and the phone still works. Plus, if the power goes out, I got my own generator; no matter what, I’ll always be in contact with someone else.


i think the scariest part out of all of this is the fact you locked video at 360p

ahh forgetaboutit
those were sponsorships from me to you

send nudes

You were just too quick to judge! It’s actually like 480p, but you still get better results at 1440p60. :slight_smile:


ahh son of of bitch he added the other resolutions in

now my joke is pointless

if you’re not careful a team of pre-pubescent children will call you the n word and then murder you and raid your base

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