Camera Story thing thread

Those who dont know what im talking about

updated if camera posts more

I found this weeks ago, hidden in those dark recesses where we dare not to venture

It was a home, but not any home; it was a collection of buildings, although a thin layer of dust coated everything

It was all remarkably intact. This, in particular, I found in what seemed to be the main residence; a mostly intact -albeit handwritten- book, with several discs within the pages!

That seemed to be all of them; there was little else of value left. It had been picked clean long beforehand; in some areas, it seemed, the dust had been more recently disturbed

There appeared to be something more to the residence, however; within one of the sheds on the property, appeared to be an entrance to some form of shelter

Yall hopefully know about the whole Camera Thing
this’ll pretty much be like the benson bexton suspect thread except its more spoopy


its probably just nuclear potato


a story of how he got roasted off the forums

in all seriousness, nuclear is IP banned from the forums, so it is most likely not him

additionally, consider this: every time nuclear has rejoined the forums, it has been to antagonize and aggravate those here; and yet, camera 9104 seems mostly preoccupied with some form of ARG kinda deal


He could have just gone to his grandma’s house to get a different IP

Do you think that the first thing nuclearpotato would throw himself into, upon obtaining a new account, is creating an ARG? He’s been busy with other things, in any case; he’s recently published a map of his own, which bears little resemblance to the videos posted by Camera.

I don’t know what the hell he’s been doing and I don’t know why you expect me to

Perhaps, in the future, when you make attacks on certain persons, you should at least give a cursory glance towards the more in-depth details of their activities and their character.

Is it an attack on Nuc to compare him to camera or an attack on camera to compare him to Nuc?

what are you talking about

if i ever get IP banned I’m not gonna drive 40 miles to my Grandmothers House and use her wifi, that’s just borderline retarded regardless of the distance.

if i had to guess it would most likely be Lost5ilver considering most of the videos that Camera’s posted have been ambience, and if you’ve followed Lost5ilver, he also makes some weird ambience stuff.

I wasn’t being serious
dam chill

I think it’s some kind of “marketing campaign” for your new map, honestly, I found it very interesting.

This is not the first time I hear about these people, but who is he? Somebody can explain to me?

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a furry who got roasted off this forum

this is so fucking gay


that one wasn’t as gay as the last one, but please, share more because this is so fucking funny



Why is he trying to sound smart.

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