It was all remarkably intact. This, in particular, I found in what seemed to be the main residence; a mostly intact -albeit handwritten- book, with several discs within the pages!

I suppose it’s rather irrational to be thinking about solitude so much, given the times. It’s all pretty depressing as is; blank newspapers, death tolls, emergency messages, and the like. But enough of that. If things go well enough in the next few days, I shouldn’t have to worry about it much, in any case; some of my friends should be arriving here later today, and, hey, what we’re going through isn’t that much different from nuclear warfare, is it?


is this a journal or something?

stairs but theres no stairs

Sounds like that dream I had.

Getting some hard @TheSunVanished vibes from this. :hallucinating_zombie_:


Maybe that’s what he’s trying to do

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