That seemed to be all of them; there was little else of value left. It had been picked clean long beforehand; in some areas, it seemed, the dust had been more recently disturbed

Your computer has no space left. Please delete files to make room, or obtain more storage drives.

Well, tonight it’ll all go down. I picked them up as soon as I got out of bed; nowadays, they say you shouldn’t go on the highway while the sun’s down. Easier for “disreputable characters”, as they say, to “violate federal and state regulations”. But hey, won’t have to worry about that any longer; I’ll be heading underground, and they’d need some serious force to open the doors I’ll be behind. I’m worried about Fletcher and his friend, though; they seem awfully unsure about this.


Im wondering if this is one of those things like those twitter stories told through a series of tweets…

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lemme hit that yeet-a-roo

also kind of wondering if i should make a megathread for this :thinking:

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