Item respawn system

For some time now I have been wondering how the spawn system of the items will be and turned them into the game, but I’ve been thinking about it and some ideas have come to mind about how these systems could be, here I’ll just talk about the item respawn systems, the Turneds are for, perhaps, another post.

Spawn of Items

I’ll tell you here how the items could respawn.

1- To exit and enter the game

The most classic of Unturned and that personally I do not like much, because it ends up taking a little of the difficulty of the game "- There, I am with 1% of the bar of hunger and I do not find food in this city … I KNOW! on the map to reappear food! " This situation ends up taking care of the players, especially in the administration of food in the game.

2- By game time

It would work as follows, instead of the items doing respawn
when we leave and we enter the game, they should do it after a certain time of the game (which could be configured by the player himself). In my opinion would be the best option for the game players.

3- Do not respawn

Note: I’m warning you that this is just an idea and that it would not be good to be added to the game, although realistic, that would be completely unnecessary.
It would work quite simply, items would spawn early in the game, but they would not respawn, so the player would need to prepare for supplies when they finished, making gardens and looking for alternative feeding, such as hunting and fishing.

So these are ideas and possibilities of how the spawn system could be done, I ask you to vote in the mood.

  • I would like to see idea number 1 in the game
  • I agree with 1, but …
  • I would like to see idea number 2 in the game
  • I agree with 2, but …
  • I would like to see idea number 3 in the game
  • I agree with 3, but …

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If there are any grotesque spelling mistakes, it’s because I’m using Google Translate. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for reading.


Number 2 but there shouldn’t be anyone in close proximity of the spawn


This. All of this. Block respawns and despawns when players are close. Having guns fall into reality in front of me is extremely immersion breaking and having some antibiotics you so desperately need disappear as you try to grab them happens way more often than you’d think and is utterly infuriating.

One but only if there is no people nearby.

Yes no respawns and Despawns when someone is in close proximity of the spawn

Yes, players would block the respawn of items if they are close to them.

I’m not sure number 1 was ever a legitimate strategy outside of singleplayer mode.

That being said, if you’re going to propose a respawn system for loot, number 2 is the only one that even remotely resembles a respawn system to begin with, and even then it’s fairly basic.

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It was made to be very basic and easy to understand, but imagine this as a basis for something much more complex.

Number 2 would also mean zombies should be treated the same way.


Yes, but I think faster

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