Item + Transparency Feedback

What do you think of this level of detail for the first gun? It’s slightly higher poly than the 3.x models and supports animation for components like the hammer and chamber cover.

I’ve also opened up two public repositories on GitHub which provide a more behind-the-scenes look at what I’m working on and I’d be curious to get your thoughts:


That’s a nice improvement from the current 3.0 models. Not too high poly and still fits the style of the game

The smooth lighting reminds me of Deadzone, though it’s sorta odd


The lighting is making it hard to nitpick it. :frowning: Should totally get a better picture… :wink:

Looks like a combination of Antique and Unturned 3. How high-poly are the more cylindrical/spherical bits?


I’m going to have to agree with molt here.

…I don’t like the smoothing. Actually, I REALLY don’t like the smoothing. Maybe it’s just the lighting but it makes the gun look…odd.


Agreed; I can’t tell if it’s just the lighting or not. I think having it next to the player model, or an actual map environment, would better showcase it. Kinda hard to showcase a map environment still I think, though. :thinking:

It could also just be that the colors are too dark compared to the rest of the test environment.


For a second, I think style more closely resembles the ones in Apocalypse Rising (or Roblox in general). Or maybe I’m going crazy

Also I just noticed, I think the chamber is angled wrong. It should be a bit lower and flat, I believe.
Assuming it’s some AR15 variant, of course.

Officially it is an M4A1.

I’m kinda happy with the increase in polygons just because it makes adding the really notable (albeit smaller) details to guns easier without it looking stupid.

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Thought so, thanks.

In all honesty the lighting and reflections need to be perfected before any model judging can begin.


I kinda just want to just see it without any lighting or reflections being applied to it. Better see individual detailing style.

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I feel it’s right smack dab in the middle of the Poly spectrum. It looks too low poly for other features, and too high poly for others. I hate to say this but I feel you’re too indecisive about this. It’s kinda a go big or go home situation due to the fact that it can really mess up the art style if it’s all wacky and out of style like this, yet has a firm grip trying to retain to the original style.

Here’s the other side of the model in blender with flat shading:


Can the firing mode selector move… :thinking::thinking::thinking:


It probably can and will. Same goes for other moving parts. Nelson made that a big deal to get working.

I think the lighting was throwing you off as it may have made some bits look really spherical and cylindrical. This flat shading is far better representative of the design.

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Yeah I certainly does. It makes it look like it came from Roblox for me

Yep. Although I still feel a bit uneasy about it, It’s definitely looking better. Now all I really need to complain about is making the models a bit thinner and rounder, and THOSE GOD-AWFUL PICATINNY RAILS (No offense Nelson you’re a good learning boy :smiley: )

I like it very much.