Kidnapping people in car trunks

i know people have already talked about kidnapping in Unturned II, but i think that you should be able to place handcuffed and blindfolded people in a car trunk so that you can hide the fact you have a hostage in your car from any passers by. this could lead to some crazy moments on RP servers where a kidnapper is talking to someone random on the side in the road right next to his car where unknown to the stranger he has a hostage in his trunk. if you are in the trunk though, any sounds like people talking or gunshots should be slightly or greatly muffled, and the same where if a hostage has no gag in their mouth, they can scream for help from the trunk which could also sound muffled.
that’s all i got for now, tell me what you guys think!


(Literally what you suggested).


Cannibalism thread flashbacks intensify

And how exactly, do tell, are you supposed to get out by yourself?


you don’t, if you surrender, this is your fault bud.

great, time to die of suffocation whilst being in the back of trunk locked up with duct tape on my mouth and rope around my arms and legs in an inescapable trunk.

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i dunno man, kidnapping and capturing just kinda sucks in 3.0, i’m just trying to suggest a better, more difficult to escape system.

have you noticed nobody uses the handcuffs or blindfolds. the only reason they’ll be useful is in an rp sit, other than that, there terrible.

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3.0 is better than what you suggested. Being trapped in a spot and being unable to escape would just make the game unbearable. The concept of the handcuff system im 3.0 is pretty good because you have an opportunity to escape by either running, or sneakily wiggling out of cuffs. But, if there is no way to escape then it would be extremely unbalanced, and not fun/terrifying for the prisoner. It would just be annoying.

its called a suggestion, your allowed to get criticized for it.

You should probably be able to scoot cuffed people around and throw them into/out of vehicles, the problem is that you shouldnt make it so surrndering is worse than death, because it definitley should be the safest alternaive. A death mighnt set you back 30 minutes but someone could mess with you for an hour or longer.

Rope should be able to bind people and take 10 or so seconds to break, making a noise and an animation, but you wouldnt have to stay still. Having a blade of some sort easily accesible on you (pockets of clothing not backpacks) should make this instant. Cable ties should be the same but take about a half a minute or so, and there just straight up shouldnt be any form of pernament bondage.

Just so we’re clear, this is actually a myth.

Trunks are not 100% airtight and often times air can also move between the trunk and the rest of the vehicle interior.


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