Knocked out/unconscious sytem - w/Concept Art

I’ve made a post about this several times before and the reason im making one again is because, this system is great and already is in a lot of other games and works great! I would love to see unturned 2 have something like this. Concept art made by MadGod

Concept of a player having a (Stun/torpor) bar below the energy indicator.

When stun bar reaches 0%, player will fall unconsious for “x” amount of time, depending on how much the bar would go in a deficit from any of the factors that would bring the stun bar down. (player will automaticly regain consciousness after being unconscious)

Stun bar will decrease if:

  • Player is hit by any sort of melee weapon to the head, blunt weapons is more effective (Golf club, baseball bat, shovel, paddle etc…)

  • Player is shot in the head, dramaticly decreases. (Wearing helmet while shot in the head with a powerful gun that would otherwise kill you, also cause instant and lasting unconsciousness)

  • Player has 0% food, 0% water or 0% oxygen

Stun bar increase if:

  • Player eaten/injected Adrenaline syringe,energy bar (something like this)

  • Player has more than 50% food and 50% water

What to do with unconscious players:

  • Manage inventory “players” inventory

  • Kill the “player”

  • Carry/pull the player around

  • Handcuff/Tie, and blindfold “player”

  • Bandage(stop bleeding), healing “player”

Waking up players:

  • Injecting adrenaline into the player (quickly regaining consciousness)

  • Feeding player

  • Regaining consciousness independently, but slowly

Why this would be a good system:

This system would benefit every aspect of unturned. From a pvp standpoint this, would mean that there would be more variety and action in every fight/teamfight, where players would rush to their friends and try to pull them out of the crossfire and save them. This will also mean that players will have a choice, either take gear from the player that you need, and let him live. Or take what you need, and then put an axe in his face.

This system would give so much player freedom, which in turn will give so much gameplay and variety, in a situation where you want to kidnap a certain player you’ve been looking for, or just the sheer amount of support this system would give to RP servers, where unconsciousness would have a big impact.

This would also help balance the hilariously unbalanced healing system in unturned, where you litereally can take headshots from snipers (if you wear helmet), and then just run around and heal up like it never happend and jump straight into the fight. it would mean that players wont be able to eat bullets, and be okay as long as they have some medkits or dressings.

Give me one valid argument to how this would not be good for unturned in any way, give me examples from other games or theories :slight_smile:


I rate it. It feels like the system in Ark Survival Evolved.

its quite similiar to many survival games, just from the fact that it’s based on the same concept


I Like it.
Also, this bar can decrease when character is extremely fatigue and regain while sleeping.


yea, this system could go quite far with some creativity :slight_smile:

I like that idea, it makes it more realistic for survival for 4.0! When I watched a DayZ Standalone gameplay, I saw a bandit knocking down the game player with a frying pan. After the game player woke up from being unconscious, all of the things in his inventory was cleared, including his pants XD. So, I think it’s a pacifist way to play a survival game such as DayZ.


Exactly! this system is definitely made for survival games such as unturned

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Except it’s all black in DayZ, but I think your concept is better, it just shows of how the Unturned character never blinks.


I would like some sort of down but not out state, but one that jumps immediately from “oh my torpor bar is running low” to “I am completely helpless, and must watch myself get anally raped while slowly dying” seems like it could use some work.


well you would most likely keep ur food/water above 50% i dont see how you could have 1% torpor for hours straight, when eating food/water is a major part of a survival game. from what i posted the only ways of u losing so much torpor that u are close to fainting at all times is after a gunfight. which in this case u would probably be closer to death by bleeding than consciousness

I think you should make a new concept based on Nelson’s hud so far, as the II hud will be vastly different than the 3.0 hud

How would a sleeping mechanic work outside of singeplayer? Would you just sit in a bed for 1 seconds and be fully rested or would you have to afk for 5 minutes? Or are you thinking of some minecraft esque everyone needs to be in a bed

That’s in the official roadmap actually. And well, I proposed a similar thing here, so it can work.

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Seems a bit unnecessary, most of the time you would just be killed the second you dropped, but for RP this would be really cool, so maybe servers could toggle this?

But the way the roadmap proposes it wouldnt work at all for something like this, freshspawns would just make people die because they wouldnt need to sleep, and if you make it so if a majority is sleeping then that would break the “immersion” and “realism” so many people on this forum beg for

It may be freshpawns or something who wants to mess with everyone else on purpose… Anything may happen and it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not going to work. Also, saying that because of that “everyone is going to die”, may be a lil’ bit extremist, since only reason why you could die cuz of that is that you got zombies nearby or something.

The torpor system could kill people if they can’t get enough sleep.

I got excited just reading this, amazing idea!!

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nice to hear :slight_smile:

Well you wouldn’t be able to sleep so you would just go unconscious until someone feeds you, so you would hit a hard cap of no more progress based on the roadmap idea and this idea. It would not work with those two combined, although i far prefer your sleeping system to the roadmaps because it makes more sense in terms of balanced gameplay.