Le suicide (in french)


Unturned II
Je propose que de appuier sur échape et se suicide normalement si on na une armer on n’appui sur une touche et que l’armer en question point sur la tête et on n’n’appui sur clike gauche et sa rire une ball


J’ai même pas envie de savoir ce que donnerais ton message en anglais. Quel est l’intérêt de faire ça enfaite ?


For those wondering, he’s suggesting that a suicide mechanic be added in which the player model points the weapon they are holding at their head and pulls the trigger after pressing M1.


Changed the catagory to 4.0


If what Rockey said is the case, then I’d like to direct OP to this lovely post for him to read through and see that the community here already has strong opinions on the topic.


Am I the only one who’s still expecting #DONOTSUICIDEONTHEREALLIFEBUTINTHEUNTURNEDCAN to become the trending hashtag one of these days?


Why are the only two things people want to talk about is cannibalism and suicide?


J’ai pas compris ta phrase ?


Heu je suis pas sur que l’on puisse dire que cette phrase était bien formée.


I don’t speak the nish


Would just like to give a heads up real quick: do not suicide on the real life but on the unturned can.



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