Left-handed, Right-handed and Ambidextrous Benefits

I’m ripping this idea straight out of one of my favorite games of all time - Fistful of Frags

In Fistful (FoF) theres all sorts of gunplay, including the ability to dual-wield weapons. As we’ve seen in previous Devlogs you will be able to dual-wield multiple weapons at once, so I think this can apply to Unturned.

–Being right-handed in the game is like being a jack-of-all-trades, being decent at both short and long ranges but not great at either.

“Grants higher accuracy than ambidextrous in single right-handed mode
Moderate accuracy penalty for dual wield mode.
Secondary mode grants increased accuracy and mobility instead of fast firing”

–Being left-handed gives the best single-handed accuracy, but more accuracy penalties for dual wielding and fanning your gun

“Grants best single handgun accuracy for primary and fanning modes.
As a downside, gives worst accuracy in dual wield mode.”

–Being Ambidextrous allows you to have great dual-wielded accuracy, but moderate accuracy penalty for single-handed and fanning modes.

“Grants highest accuracy in dual wield mode.
As a downside, single hand accuracy is lower than right and left single handed modes.”


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no thank you


I think a better idea would be to just be able to swap your shooting hand whenever so you can peek corners more effectively all the time, and just assume that the player is ambidextrous so we can get past all this bullshit about dominant hands.


in middle of gunfight

goes into inventory

swaps gun from right to left

peaks left past wall

guy is already behind you

I don’t think it will be necessary to swap guns in the context that you’re saying because the view-model is going to be the same, except the visual obstruction of whatever hand you pick. I’ve never seen any other game and any other person “swap” from left/right to “better effectively peak”

who said said you must go into inventory

Currently theres “left hand” and “right hand” slots in the game. Which… are in your inventory.

In FoF you can switch hands by pressing down scroll wheel, but your dominant hand still stays the same.

The only other game I can think of with changing view-models left-right is CS:GO, and that requires a console command.

Fistful of Frags

No. Fuck off.

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It’s fine for fun deathmatch settledd in the Wild West, but for a serious survival game? nah



That’s not what I meant. What I meant was a quick way to swap your weapon from one hand to the other by pressing [/] or something like that.


What games have that?

Also, not sure if its just me, but I use / for typing in world chat. It’s far easier to, for instance, type //i rocket than typing j/i rocket

Minecraft comes to mind. Starbound also comes to mind.

It makes more sense to have if you’re going to suggest statistical bonuses related to the hand being used. To me, this is an incredibly straightforward quality-of-life feature regardless of the original suggestion.


I’d be interested in having the ability to quickly swap weapons from one hand to the other but it shouldn’t affect gameplay in any way besides preference and situations like peeking around certain corners. A few Tom Clancy games have that ability in them.


Well, if [/] doesn’t work, then we can always use [\]. Nobody uses that key anyways.

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I use \ for the soda machine >:(

So your interaction key is set to [\]?

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i hate fof with an absolute passion

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I love FoF because its the only game that can genuinely piss me off more than CS:GO

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this would be a valid reason if it wasn’t through absolute bullshit

Team Fortress 2, specifically the Soldier class in that game peaks better depending on viewmodel if I remember correctly, which may be what he’s referring to.

To be honest I don’t like the suggestions because it’d be weird as someone who’s left handed and uses flipped viewmodels for it to be more natural feeling. Maybe if the slots were named ‘normal hand’ and ‘other’ hand or something else along those lines, and then it’d also make it more intuitive to new players where they’d see that using the normal hand would probably be the one where they would probably have the best benefits all-round, but using the non-dominant hand may have some advantages.

What if you want to have left handed skills but have a right hand?