Lets talk about crafting

Suggestions of:

*How to gather them(tools and placebles)
*Craftable items
*Craft skills
*Craft system

Maybe I will make my own suggestions later, but for now I want to see what you guys have in mind.

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Here’s mine

Materials and acquirement


  • Electronic Scrap - Obtained from scrapping electronics. An important component in electronic crafting which can make it more difficult
  • Batteries - Obtained from hardware stores and battery-powered items. Required to power certain items.
  • Rock - Naturally obtained from all types of boulders. Replaces Metal Scrap from boulder drops. Used to craft certain barricades and structures
  • Ore - Naturally obtained from metallic boulders. Replaces Metal Scrap from boulder drops. Can be smelted into refined metal
  • Refined Metal - Obtained from smelting ores or lots of scrap metal. Can be crafted into certain metal components which is used to craft the toughest and most expensive items
  • Other items - I don’t want to list everything I wanted, so yeah. Maybe someone can come up with something good.

Craftable items and blueprints


  • Most (If not all) electronic items require Electronic Scrap in the blueprints (e.g. Generator)
  • Refined Metal is now required to craft most metal components instead of metal scrap (e.g. Metal Sheet, Metal Bar), but most of the blueprints require only 1 to produce more items than with scrap metal. Some items like nails can still be made with metal scrap, but in lower quantities than with Refined Metal.
  • A lot of tools are requires for certain blueprints. E.g. Hammer for blueprints with nails and wood, Blowtorch for most blueprints with metal, Knife for blueprints that involves ‘cutting’ like Bread.
  • Most wooden makeshift items are replaced with metal counterparts like Makeshift Bottle and Gas Can


  • More makeshift items - There could be more to craft that could serve the same purpose as naturally found items.
  • Reinforced clothing - Use metal scrap (and maybe Metal Sheet?) to toughen up clothing at the cost of storage space and weight.
  • More simple cooked food - Things like baked potato, cooked carrots and an omelet would be nice to have.
  • Some food can be taken/cut apart - Things like Bread, Egg Carton, and MRE can be taken apart.


  • Horde Beacon - A sad replacement for horde mode in 3.0. Also has caused a lot of unbalance in PvP and maybe PvE in terms of gear progress. Now BEGONE

Crafting Skills


  • There are more levels in crafting skill to broaden up the requirements for certain items. Maybe 6 levels compared to engineer at 3 levels
  • Crafting is a general requirement for all non-basic recipes, while Engineer is needed for barricades, structures and electronics
  • Both Crafting and Engineer can now become a requirement for certain recipes, especially electronics. For example, you need Crafting lvl 5 and Engineer lvl 3 to create a Generator


  • No more Offence, Defense and Support categories, the menu is made smaller and less clunky to make it easier to explore around.

Crafting System


  • You can only see blueprints when you have all requirements met
  • Crafting menu is smaller and less clunky which in 3.0 made it tiresome to scroll around to find that one recipe that’s at the bottom.
  • Scrapping (e.g. Clothes, Weapons) is now done in your inventory to remove the sheer amount of blueprints found in the crafting menu in 3.0.
  • Repairing is now done in your inventory as well.

I think I’m missing a lot of things, but if I did just point out below.


Crafting tables?

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Nice one.
It would be nice to make your own topic talking more about those ideas!

I’ve had a massive crafting/scavenging rework in the works for a long time, but I’ll just give the gist of what hasn’t been suggested yet:

Breaking or using certain objects in the map should have a chance to drop you resources, such as the following:

  • wooden fences and furniture can be broken into sticks, planks, and nails

  • electronics and appliances can yield electronic parts and scrap

  • closed gun cases found in military locations can be unlocked with a gun case key found in military spawns, or lockpicked forcefully at the cost of volume and speed. Will be guaranteed to yield a high-end weapon or weapon-related item.

  • trash can be rummaged through, and can yield anything from crafting materials (e.g glue, chemicals, tape, cloth, etc) to rotten food (useful for seeds or in an emergency) and worn-down clothing (for either repair or salvage)

  • broken/used objects, like in the current game, will respawn given enough time, but the time will be a lot longer than in 3.0

  • you can salvage various vehicle parts and perhaps siphon gas from vehicles and vehicle remains

  • there may even be room for a skill related to this mechanic, maybe “Tinkering” for instance. Increases chance of successful salvage, and makes it quieter and faster

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