Libya Map Devlog

This is the first Large Map project I’m working on it, I hope you will like what I’ve done so far.

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Here the first custom gun (don’t mind the background thats not my map), it is called Regenbogen, using a magazine called Large Ranger Magazine that will hold 45 bullets, I needed to recreate the Ranger Magazine because of the gun to be a Raiding SMG, its doing 35% less damage than the Dragonfang, to refill the magazine, you will need to use some High Caliber Ranger Ammunition Box
Don’t foget to join the map Trello :

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I’m confused. The layout of the gun suggests that it is a Bren or some other ZB vz. 26 derivative, but the magazine is…backwards? And the magazine…45 rounds? The only gun I can think of that has that magazine capacity is the RPK-74, but you’re also saying that it’s a “high-caliber” weapon while at the same time being a “raiding SMG.”

Excuse me, what?


Its a game. Shut up redcomm abd get out of here with your gun “facts.” It honestly doesn’t matter.


Unless it’s tarkov

I haven’t even started yet. Regardless of whether or not my gun facts matter or not, I think we can both see that the displayed magazine is 75, while the intended capacity is 45, yes?

I’m more concerned about the fact that it’s able to raid and seemingly accept all Ranger magazine types.


NVM was looking at the gun in his hands not the model in the equipped items list at the bottom of the screen. Am wrong sorry

It doesn’t accept all Ranger Mag

Then you shouldn’t name it the “Large Ranger Magazine” as it seems to imply that it’s of the same magazine caliber.

Give it a unique name instead for less confusion.

Sure, maybe more generic like Regenbogen Magazine

bruh libya f18 muhajadeen helicopter lmaah


Libya might be a tougher map to create due to all the political issues it’s gone (and going) through.

If you want to know, its the infection 500 years after Washington

Just saying, custom objects will improve your map far more than custom guns and vehicles will longterm.


I hope to god your memeing, that concept has been done to death and is a fucking joke. Hopefully your at a stage where you can still change what kind of map your making, please don’t do that.


Of course, its on the Moon, cause everyone knows that Libya is on the moon

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ok buddy

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So for the second custom gun, its an Low Caliber Military gun, with a drum capacity of 150, also come with a Vertical Grip.

This gun called Gewitter and its based on the RPD, for the first gun, the Regenbogen its based on the Type 99