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We’ve got many handy methods of lightning in Unturned 3.x, but for the sake of variety, realism and a bit of difficulty, I took inspiration from 2 of my very fav. games to do a very daring and challenging suggestion:

Camp lanterns and fire flares

Not so advantageous lightning

As you guys might suspect, these ones are intended to add not just realism but suspense and difficulty to Unturned nights. These would work as a normal non-directional lightning method, but to be used on-hand. These could be found in camps and related places, and probably would be like the undesired (but in some desperate occasion, necessary) methods of lightning that just lights a determined area around you, and which you’ve seen mostly in horror games.

But that’s exactly the point!

As side suggestions I’d consider awesome if these features for new stuff and tweaks for the existing ones were made:

  • Fire flares to be able to burn or lit stuff up (eg. spilled fuel, campfires)

  • Current torches to be able to be used on-hand and also able to light stuff up just like as fire flares.

  • Current non-flammable flares to be usable on-hand too.

  • Fire flares to be scrappable to obtain the powder.

  • Add a flare gun.

  • What about fireflies? (Goofy but neat feat. to make a lantern putting those in a jar)

  • If you save a non-flammable source of light in your pocket or backpack switched On, it will create a very small light around you.

    So curious to know your thoughts!!


  • All ideas are interesting
  • I don’t agree with… (comment)
  • Terrible. I’m not walking into a forest or tunnel with that

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the quest of spilled fuel maybe!
please just explain how this go work i have a interessing in kill noobs burned!

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Fixed the typo in your title, as I presume you are referring to lighting items that produce light, and not lightning, the meteorological phenomenon.

Also @Zero your comments are becoming really hard to understand. Just have someone else translate.

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What do you mean by non-flammable flares? Like chemlights?

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Forget the goofy feature, I just want fireflies now.

My priorities have gone to literally just wanting fireflies being added for at night. There’s no reason for them, at all, but yes.


I mentioned the spilled fuel as a possible (and realistic) new mechanic idea which could open some new possibilities, as such:

  • Incendiary traps
  • Raiding
  • Faster lighting
  • Destroying items
  • Obstructing hostile players’ nightvision
  • Drive away hostile animals

And basically anything you can do by provoking a fire, LOL.

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That ones. Current existing flares are an equivalent to chemlights, right?

Sorry for not answering, just saw your comment.

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