Lights deterring zombies

Perhaps zombies should be more aggressive when it’s night-time and it’s dark, and considering zombies are going to roam around, lights should be put in place as a deterrent.

If zombies could break doors or get into poorly fortified bases, then a lot of lighting would make them weaker, and less aggressive when they break into the base.

Just a very small suggestion. :stuck_out_tongue:


Imo lights should attract the Turned, as well as loud noises and explosions.

This could still be used to your advantage however, such as throwing flares to distract the Turned or using a fire as bait for a trap.


that could be cool too. it’d be interesting if you could have RV’s/tents, and you’d have to put out your lights or turn off the engine as to not attract zombies.

I just had an idea - what if rather than zombies behaving like either of these specifically, they have dynamic behaviour? During the daytime they’d try to find shade or secluded areas if possible as opposed to areas with excessive light, but during nighttime they’d be attracted to it, potentially ambushing from the shadows.

Now, you could even flip it around so it’s vice versa, because this would present an interesting tradeoff - if zombies were not fond of light during the night, you’d be able to use lighting to ward them off, at the expense of being easily spotted by other players. Naturally, no matter how survival-centric UII becomes, PvP will still remain a constant threat, and there’s always going to be bandits out there (both human and NPC!) looking for easy pickings.

If you wanted to take it even further, this two-sided behaviour could be applicable to only certain zombie types. This would create an interesting variety that you’d have to take into account when planning on how to defend yourself against zombies - any given solution should not work on every type.


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Lights Deterring Zombies

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how about a server setting that controls this behavior. It can be a flag with 3 values. 0 = original behavior, +1=zombies attracted by light, -1 = zombies repelled by light

Imo that would be really confusing for new players, it would seem odd that the turned are attracted to and also repelled by light.

(When they are playing on multiple servers)

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what if the server notified them with a message when they joined?

no, that’d just be stupid

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that’d be kinda confusing and overcomplicated, I just think there should be one or the other to avoid complications.