Limiting the generators

I think that in 4.x generators should have a limit of what they can power and how many.
Since Nelson already put “electrical wiring” in his trello, I would like to suggest how it would work, mixed with my own suggestion.

Every item that uses power has it’s “Wattage”
The bigger the machine, the more Wattage is has/needs.

Disclaimer: I’m no electrician, so if the numbers seemed insane, forgive me

The portable generator produces 10MW (Mega Watts)
The Industrial generator produces 50MW

Now as for the utilities
Cage Light: needs 0.5MW
Spotlight needs 1MW
Sentry (all types) needs 4MW each
Oven needs 1MW
Oxygenator needs 2MW
Safezone Radiator needs 2MW
Pumpjack needs 5MW

This will limit players from spamming their bases with pump jacks and force them to search for more items to make more generators since they will be needing them

As for the wiring, I believe the distance of the utility and the generator should affect the Wattage required to power these items.
The portable generator should have a range of 20m radius, and the industrial gen should have a 50m radius. And when you wire the gen with the utility, I believe there should be at least 2 types of wires, copper and silver. Copper being the cheap and craftable wire that uses 0.1MW/m. So every meter of copper wiring will use up 0.1MW from the gen. As for silver wiring, it can only be found in construction sites and will only waste 0.05MW for every meter.

If you wanna adjust the Wattage that the utilities need, feel free


I think you meant KW not MW XD If not, you have a really freaking powerful generator. And oven takes around 0.003MW so 3KW (I a not an electrician either but we just did that stuff on physics ok) :stuck_out_tongue:
But I think the relation is good, but we would need to give the oven any type of advantage over the campfire, for now, I think only range is different :/.
Nelson should add cooking times maybe.
Now apart from that, I think the fuel usage should be relative to the amount of stuff connected to it, so the more you need, the more you spend.
And this is the part where it gets complicated
We should be able to power the generators from buildings, with some epic range and 100MW (If we continue with MW that is) so we could power an entire city with them, with kilometers (miles) of range and huge fuel storage spaces, but public, so almost everyone could steal or put fuel in them :stuck_out_tongue:

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To be honest, in a survival situatio where people are tempted to kill each other for survival, I don’t think anyone is willing to sacrifice fuel for random people so it would never be powered for more than 5 minutes.

But yeah, the more wattage is being used, the more fuel it will consume if it’s above the limit

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