Loading unturned faster

Hey everyone!

So recently (as in just now) I more or less did an experiment, which seems to have been successful.

Let me explain how I did it… its actually super simple.

All you have to do is first, create a folder on your desktop, afterwards, go to your unturned map files, and move all the maps you know you wont be playing there.

Doing this actually got unturned to load a LOT faster. As well as using less processing power to load. The only problem is that you will have access to less maps than you would otherwise.

Ill look into what else I can do to speed up load times, and let yall know.

Edit. If your having problems with unturned never closing, this helps as well.

Heck, it might even give you more fps in general ingame. I haven’t looked into it tho.


I just deleted Cyprus, all the arena maps and Greece. Never play on them.

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cool, I prefer to move them to desktop, as I can move main maps and bring them back later when I need them.

My loading time after(I still have my own custom maps in the file): 5m24s97

Loading time before(all maps except my own): 4m2s98

Loading time with every map, including my own. 8m49s56

At this point problem comes from your computer aswell.

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How curious.

Ive found something interesting, I had all the maps except the maps im building…

the time was 4 minutes, 2 seconds, and .98th of a second.

Now, lets add on my maps.

I think the code should be modified not to load maps assets until you enter them

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Alright. So this is my analysis of my personal game.

I overuse the bundle system for the maps i make, so they tend to take a long time to load. With every map, it took 8 minutes, 49 seconds, and .56th of a second.

So, if you’re having problems with unturned loading slowly, put the maps you wont be using for that session on the desktop. If you want to play arena, move all maps except the maps you want to play to the desktop…

Also, I have also noticed that unturned seems to load slightly faster when you have loaded it once. So, if you have the time, take the majority of maps out, load it, then close the game, read add more maps (though dont do all of them) and load again.

well I have a pretty decent computer, though I have way too many games on it. As well as files from experiments and deleted programs.

Define decent computer, 5 to 8 min to load Unturned is a bit too much.

welll when you have fallout 4 with a bunch of mods, 2 separate gta Vs (one for modded gameplay, one for vanilla) clustertruck, Ravenfield, TF2, Terraria with a bunch of mods, Unturned, Unturned II, Brick Rigs, Human: Fall Flat, Left 4 Dead 2, Lock’s Quest, Undertale and deltarune, Minecraft, Blender, Magix Music Maker, Source Filmaker, Game Jolt Client (with several games) Streamlabs OBS, Epic Games Launcher, (I think I installed fortnite with it at some point), Unity, Uplay, Orgin, Razer Cortex, Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2, and plenty more… it starts slowing down.

Also the fact that Ive added a lot of objects to my game for use in the editor…

This is just common sense really, deleting maps that you don’t play on will take their assets and so will make the game load faster.

And with the introduction of the Master Bundles coming with Unity 2017- the game will load even faster making modpacks finally viable.


hol up so can i delete entire map folders?
or do i need to move the folders, or the files inside

Loading in unturned right now

I didn’t know this thanks

don’t mind me, not my fault I’ve been sailing for too long

No, just move the maps out of the folder.

Okay, thanks

WOW! So let me get this straight, when you give the game less files to load, THE GAME DOESN’T LOAD THOSE FILES?!? Who could have guessed?

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this is so fucking wild honestly.

hey dumbass, some people have no idea how to do this.

thats the whole fucking point. Its for those people, not you.