Local food

I think it would be good if we had different food in different maps (excepting regular food like vegetables, canned food, drinks and other stuff like bread), like Russian «Borsh» and «holodec» (lol I’m going crazy). So, what do you think?

P.S: you can think that I’m mad, but I think that my idea is pretty neat :slight_smile:

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So basically regional food, I like the idea actually, Washington could have a coffee item, maybe Hawaii could have more tropical foods aside from the coconut (maybe some cooking using coconuts?) ETC


This sounds more like a 3.X idea than a 4.X one.

Why? We don’t know much about the planned maps for 4.x!

(Rip me 10 character limit)

Just looking in the future :slight_smile:

Russia will have the best potatoes

Potatoes in Russia will have +50% effect boost compared to other maps


They’re better in Perú

Bah, filthy western spy with your inferior capitalist pig potatoes


The Incans invented both potatoes, and socialism, the Soviets were just copy cats

But incans are dead.
Soviets are not.
Therefore Soviet potato is better.
And then again, Soviets invent vodka made from potato.


This is the Unturned Forum. Not the Soviet or the Communism Forum!

I’d make two kinds of food: normal food (food which you can find on every map like bread or cheese) and specific food (food that you can naturaly find on one or two maps like Brezeln (Germany), Burgers (US maps), Burritos (Mexico) and so on). But I think thats what you meant. I really like your idea.

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Don’t forget our German Beer! :wink:
But I like the idea, too.

Nelson added Vintage Ushanka.
Therefore Nelson is communist confirmed.

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Use this link to talk about Incans and Soviets https://forum.smartlydressedgames.com/t/incans-versus-soviets/2796

Only because of a hat?

A big debate about potatoes… Now I can die happily

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This is no topic to discuss here!

That’s why I linked to a post on memes so it could be debated elsewhere.