Local58 - Analog Horror at 476MHz


Boy howdy. So the other day I stumbled upon this youtube channel named “Local58” that for the first time in a while managed to get a scare out of me. From what I can tell, it’s centered around this news channel that began broadcasting sometime around the late cold war and latest either 2014/2018, but some weird stuff went down in this sort of split timeline thing. I’ve chronological what I think is the correct order (they are out of order on the channel) and feel like it would be cool to discuss this channel with you guys.

We begin our broadcast day…


If you feel like checking the channel itself out, here you go. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuoMasRkMhlj1VNVAOJdw5w/videos

I seriously recommend watching these videos at night - and remember to stay away from mirrors and windows. What do you guys think is going on here?


Reignbot and Lemmino is also one of the good sources for horrors good happy little things too.


I always found those emergency weather broadcast creepy. Just imagine, sleeping in front of your tv at 2 am, and the tv is still on, and that sound wakes you up. And everyone outside is screaming, car alarms blaring, and fire department siren goes off.


Its probably just taking inspiration from all the times emergency broadcasts got hacked and displayed really weird stuff. Super cool though, thanks for sharing those!


That’s actually one of the things going on here. Notice the broadcast schedules, especially show for children. They’re all late at night. VERY late at night. The show for children airs at nearly four in the morning.


If you ask me, the entity we saw in “you are on the fastest available route” seems to be able to manipulate technology. (it takes the guy off the main road and down the weird path via GPS.) In show for children, the skeleton boy’s grave mistake is looking at the moon, which kills him, one way or another. And in weather service, we see Local58 broadcasting a warning to not look at the moon - until it begins to be manipulated by an outside source to prevent word from getting out. Maybe the entity from before - or more.

Contigency is just straight up spooky. There really isn’t a way to round it into the main theory I have.


sounds like something that would happen in a zombie apocalypse. actually, what if utnurned started off that way, maybe for the tutorial or something you have to escape a city that the infection has started in, with people being attacked by zombies, military shooting at everyone/ everything they see, Fires burning, ect.\

I know this is off topic, but I had the idea after what he said. alright?


Spoiler Alert: the video tells the viewers not to look at the moon because they’ll die, since the moon is a KOSer on a rampage.


Apparently he uses wallhacks and is able to see you through things :thinking:



incomplete sentence mm yes


plot twist: local58 IS battleye


safety in numbers is a hint for spawning in a 132



That whould actually be pretty nice…


Introduction shot: one of those tram things is driving out of a burning city in the rain while military jets fly overhead bombing the lower districts and military vehicles evacuate along with the tram. You were being evacuated by the police on an electric tram when the power goes out, and you crash. Many of the passengers are hurt: this is where one of the survivors helps you get back up, and gets you to pick up an item and help some of the survivors. Zombies begin to appear along the track that you were just on. In the distance you can see the jets turning back around from the burning city and coming closer to the track. It becomes obvious that the tram is about to be bombed, so you have to crawl/jump out of the tram after one of the survivors hands you a gun. You run out of the tram, shoot some zombies, and then make your way into the forest.

that would actually be really cool to see

and then somewhere in pine ridge you can find a crashed tram with a bunch of craters along the track :thinking:

Tutorial cinematic

A tutorial is supposed to teach players how to play the game. The thing that you suggested would be good for single player cinematic scene.


Cinematic scene/tutorial could be pretty cool if done right.


Tutorial should just teach you how to do basic things that are needed to survive.


…Yes. And it wouldn’t hurt to mix some cinematic elements into that.


it would teach you how to survive, and how to use the game. perhaps your character opens their eyes in front of the tv screen or is sitting at a table, listening to music, when an emergency broadcast emits and gives a warning of a highly infectious disease which and such, your character gets up, controls pop onto the screen and you have to walk to the door, (btw there are sirens and occasional gunshots happening at this point, sirens are happening from the beginning). The game tells you how to open the door, and you head out of wherever you are at (if your in a apartment building maybe the game would teach you to sneak by zombies eating people in rooms with the doors open) on the ground outside the building there is a gun beside a fallen police officer, which your instructed to pick up. you head down an alleyway to avoid the streets, and maybe while walking down there, you see a horde of zombies pass up ahead, which then the game wont allow you to go that way, and instructs you to go another way. after a short while of wandering the game will give you and introduction to the combat system and such. then, you have to get into a vehicle where it teaches you how to drive, and turn on the lights and all the stuff related to vehicles. then you have to drive through the city to get to a train station, like NuclearPotato said, and as he said,

and possibly after doing thew tutorial your character will start singleplayer with the items you gathered. which should only be a gun with next to know bullets, and maybe a melee.

Ima copy this to make a post about it.

Tutorial cinematic