Lock Wooden Doors

There should be an ability to put a codelock to wooden Doors so you won’t have to make an metal or even a vault door all the time

(Pls don’t rip out my throat i have no idea if that’s already planned.)

It is more or less already planned, that locks will be able to be placed on wooden objects. Not sure if the locks will work like 3.X, codelocks, or require keys. It may be that multiple types of locks will be available.

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Good to know because wooden doors are pretty much rendered useless in 3.0.

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They can be used for public use if someone makes a house for everyone to join. Or in a RP server. You have to make a shop available to the public. So yeah. It has its uses

well it isn’t very useful in the main version of the game.

Interior base doors leading to less valuable rooms in the early game? They’re like wooden crates, yes, they’re useful for a while but get superseded by the metal storage items. You clearly only play RP/PvP.

I think that they could be a good thing, but maybe a lower tier key lock, which, is unlocked with the key item. Code locks could most likely be bruteforced, too, if someone creates a script that isn’t detected by Battleye for some unknown reason.

Why you try to make Unturned Rust?

wat do you mean

in Rust there are Locks and it will not be cool if you just craft an lock instead of crafting an metal door

How does locking doors turn a game into a PvP focused game???

Now is Better?

In the eyes of the few it does

I’d like a list please.

No list needed, just look at all the newcomers on this site and you’ll see them xD

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