Looping Roads


Now, Don’t Make That Mistake Again, Just Keep The Unturned Roads Connected.


wth are you talking about.


I think he means by better intersections.


Er… what mistake?




You don’t like this? well… I guess you have to back-up the car to turn around I guess. Or drive off-road.
That’s how the map was designed. It’s not like it’s a feature worth suggesting imo.
Yeah GTA suffers from the “I can’t turned the car to align with the road design GOD HELP ME.” caribo aswell.

This is extremely confusing. Do you appeal the idea or are you not?


no looping roads = Canada map :thinking:


Haha, say again.



ya know, someone needs to get canada, and rework it so it fits modern unturned, and feels more apocalyptic XD


Is this even a suggestion? It’s already in Unturned 3x. I feel like this is something we’d see in a notepad doc named “pine ridge important things” on Nelson’s desktop.


This isn’t even a mistake and more of your personal design preference


Here’s an example, Where charlottetown’s roads take to?


i take it as a mistake


It’s not a necessity for map design. The dev/map maker makes their own choice whether they want to include it or not.


it’s just a suggestion to make the game a better game


Looping roads don’t automatically make a game better. There are countless things that go into “good” map design, and things such as looping roads can be either beneficial or detrimental. It all depends on the intentional feel of the map and how it should play out, for what purpose.


Looping roads dont make the game a better game. Now if you mean, roads which dont end abruptly (like in charlette town) then sure, but a road that loops the whole map is: ugly, unrealistic, and detrimental to the game.


Non looping roads makes everywhere feel further away.

Which could be better for a survival feel. (I guess)


You have yet to provide a reason as to why you think that.