Low Tier Camouflage

I think camouflage should be a larger mechanic in UII, blending in with surroundings should be a better strategy, and should be a lot better. Ghillie suits don’t really work in 3.0 honestly, and there’s not much point in using them and they’re very rare. I think camouflage items should be better and with a larger range of ways to camouflage yourself.

I think camouflage clothing and accessories should be able to be found in low-tier locations such as farms and camping grounds. This would be great from a gameplay perspective and also be quite realistic, as hunters use camouflage clothing and accessories when hunting.

Hunting Camouflage Clothing


These clothes could be found at camping grounds, and (more rarely) farms. These would only be basic clothes (shirts, pants, backpacks and hats). They would provide basic camouflage, but as they are basic clothes, wearing clothes over the top (jacket, vest) would make you seen easily, so storage and armour would be minimal when wearing these clothes.

Gun Wraps

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These would cover your rifle, making it less easier to see when it’s out. These would be more rare than basic hunting camouflage clothing, but could be found at campgrounds as a rare spawn, as well as military locations as a more common spawn.

Ghillie Suits

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These would be found only at military locations, with a medium rarity. The full suit would consist of a head covering, a ghillie backpack giving a decent storage space, suit (like a jacket, but covering the legs as well - fits over the clothes and vest, giving you more storage than basic hunting clothes, concealing all clothes underneath). The ghillie suit would give you significantly more camouflage than regular hunting clothes, as well.

Perhaps there could also be a way of crafting camouflaged paints, so you could forage for berries and use them to craft a camouflaged face paint, perhaps this could be a unique perk of some kind of “Foraging” skill.


Good idea but if we can individually change the detail of grass and plants or just turn it off it wont work

It should be that you can’t turn grass and foliage off, instead it lowers the actual detail of the grass.


It would be nice if there was a way to link the grass with the ghillie suit, so that as the grass graphics are reduced, the suit graphic would also be, to the point that if the grasses were turned off, the player using a ghilllie would would make it invisible, but I don’t think it would work very well …

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Nelson needs to add different types of ghillie suits, such as : winter ghillie, green ghillie (for summer season), orange ghillie (for autumn and spring).


He will add more types, look at the trello

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This was in the post in the ghillie camoflage section

[quote]Unturned II Devlog #030

And yes ghillie is quite rare and would be cool to see some low-tier camouflage accessories.

Also can we talk about changing ghillie suits to match the season changes, I think that is bad ass. By far the coolest of that post.

i think that cheap camo jackets would be cool at say a sporting store.