Mac Issues (Connecting to Online Play) w/ Latest Patch

Hi there, just reporting a bug noticed on the steam forums that is also affecting me. It seems as if Mac users are struggling to connect with online play, often getting the error message “asset bundle error: 0 of 1 installed”. I play on a 2019 intel mac, although from looking at other forums it seems as if most mac users are being affected. I’ve linked to my Reddit post and another person’s steam forum post here:

Steam: Asset bundle error: 1 of 2 installed :: Unturned General

Hopefully, there is some way for this to get resolved soon!

Thanks all,

Hey, Amalgam.

As of the patch, there’s currently an error that prevents Mac players from joining multiplayer servers. We’re working on a patch to hopefully resolve this issue. We’re hopeful to resolve this as soon as possible for our Mac community.

A similar message has been posted on this pinned topic:

Thanks for the good news! I’ll be on the lookout for the latest patch. Keep up the awesome work!

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