Magnum buildings

You know how in 3.0 we can’t enter some of the big “monument” buildings like the castle in Germany, or the Seattle tower in Washington?

Well since 4.0 is gonna be bigger and more detailed and all that anyways…

maybe we could be able to enter stuff like that okay thanks i just wanna climb towers bye


You’ve created this post with the quality of a non-Regular, good job

One word: Optimization.

If this is optimized then I’m fine with large buildings being explorable.

Edit: okay okay, I meant it as a joke guys


regulars dont always make high quality posts. deal with it

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it’s not meant to be a high quality post, i just want to climb towers




Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple. No point writing 3 full paragraphs when 2 sentences are the parts that matter.

Suggestion wise. Yep, don’t see why large buildings shouldn’t be explorable.


You can go into the castle. You just need to use a teleporter.

except that’s not actually the inside of the castle. it’s a separate object altogether.

Monster facade for my magnum building

But you still get to explore its interior

but it’s not ACTUALLY the interior. that’s the problem.

I think the idea Whistleblower is going for is that it’d still function as a part of the world, so you can like, shoot through windows, be chased by zombies coming through doorways, jump off the roof, etc.

I think the point Harvest is trying to make is that you can still technically enter some of the big monument buildings.

It’s really just a nitpick wording issue on technicalities. I assume we all understand what the original post is asking for regardless though. That these interiors should actually be a part of the world, connected to the environment.

By extension, things like sewer systems (Greece) should be made part of the actual environment too, rather than them teleporting you far out. The only things that shouldn’t be like this are Excursions, considering that takes you to an alternate reality it shouldn’t actually be “traditionally” connected to the world, and instead teleport you wherever that’s out of the way.


it’d be interesting if the entryways looked like they were just a doorway though, like the Vexx sundial portals.

…or i guess the portals from Portal, for something people actually fucking know about

Buncha coding to make unique large building explorable like in fallouts.

Also, I thought magnum building were something related to an ice cream for a second.

Well exploring large buildings is like that because it’s Singleplayer and there’s no reason to keep everything else loading. I’m interested to see how Fallout 76 does it, I think that would be a good referance

Doing it like Fallout/Skyrim kinda defeats the purpose. That’s basically the same as what we have now for the Neuschwanstein Castle.

Except modern games don’t do that to begin with, even if they’re not doing it Fallout/Skyrim style.

As for the Neuschwanstein’s case, they can only be access with a teleporter. While what I’ve assumed in the “magnum buildings” can be access by a door.

While it is somewhat disappointing in many ways. If we still decides to make the building’s hollows inside, it would either too small (for the space needle case) or somewhat awkward.

Again, it’s 50/50 of ok and not.

This isn’t being suggested for #unturned-3 and its content, it’s being suggested for #unturned-4. Objects in that game are different; the Space Needle and Neuschwanstein Castle were just being used here as examples of things currently limited.

The solution would just be to not make the interior too small, if the Space Needle was added again.

Well idk if the castle was made that way because of “game limits” or “engine limits” rather then being a straight style choice. I mean you still have those assets somewhere in the map (more like under it but still). I mean the mafia estate should be complex just the same as the castle in terms of the object model faces and vertexes

Not sure if it was ever confirmed, but the Germany easter egg may have been made in response to people asking for a castle interior.

The Space Needle definitely seems like a style choice though. Scaled and proportioned to fit the game’s art style and city sizes.