Magnum buildings

Buncha coding to make unique large building explorable like in fallouts.

Also, I thought magnum building were something related to an ice cream for a second.

Well exploring large buildings is like that because it’s Singleplayer and there’s no reason to keep everything else loading. I’m interested to see how Fallout 76 does it, I think that would be a good referance

Doing it like Fallout/Skyrim kinda defeats the purpose. That’s basically the same as what we have now for the Neuschwanstein Castle.

Except modern games don’t do that to begin with, even if they’re not doing it Fallout/Skyrim style.

As for the Neuschwanstein’s case, they can only be access with a teleporter. While what I’ve assumed in the “magnum buildings” can be access by a door.

While it is somewhat disappointing in many ways. If we still decides to make the building’s hollows inside, it would either too small (for the space needle case) or somewhat awkward.

Again, it’s 50/50 of ok and not.

This isn’t being suggested for #unturned-3 and its content, it’s being suggested for #unturned-4. Objects in that game are different; the Space Needle and Neuschwanstein Castle were just being used here as examples of things currently limited.

The solution would just be to not make the interior too small, if the Space Needle was added again.

Well idk if the castle was made that way because of “game limits” or “engine limits” rather then being a straight style choice. I mean you still have those assets somewhere in the map (more like under it but still). I mean the mafia estate should be complex just the same as the castle in terms of the object model faces and vertexes

Not sure if it was ever confirmed, but the Germany easter egg may have been made in response to people asking for a castle interior.

The Space Needle definitely seems like a style choice though. Scaled and proportioned to fit the game’s art style and city sizes.

I’d be surprised if there would be a reboot of washington in the first place.

Again, I’ll be looking for objects in 4.0 on how different it is from 3.x
Thanks for correcting me on that though.

Makes sense to me, I also saw a lot of those. But this doesn’t confirm that big structures can’t be made cus of some reasons. For that Seattle tower it was jus too soon for Nelsons awarness of unturned, caslte I bet the quest or at least the idea of being able to get inside it was planned for the start. Like really who would build some big cool castle and use it as a main location, without giving the option of getting inside.

The space needle was way too small for its own good anyway tbh. If it did have an interior it would only be about 2 square feet.

Mods2much if I remember correctly

To some degree it definitely does come down to Unturned 3’s optimization and methods of rendering, for sure. The castle likely wouldn’t have been that bad from the exterior, but the interior could have ended up being more intensive.

Larger models in general do end up being a fair bit laggier though, of course, especially the more complicated (intricate/detailed) models like the Oil Rig. Those types of models can be quite intensive on their own, similar to how laggy “compound objects” and landscape holes get. (The core framework for landscape in general seems to be part of the issue, to be honest.)

It very well could have just been a design choice though, as making a fun layout for the castle’s interior to match the exterior may have been too limiting at the time of Germany’s already shaky development (Neuschwanstein was planned & added far later into its development too). The interior being done separately could’ve been due to feedback, due to time constraints, or due to the limitations the exterior model presented on the layout.

Yes but if limits were the main thing that made Nelson choose to move the interiors somewhere else, then I guess that those interiors would’ve been way more complex then what came up, I mean it’s about 2 main halls and a couple of corridors with stairs?

If the teleport internals of the castle would have been like idk, several levels + maybe a dungeon underground thing, then I would be more incline to agree with you but since of the “simplistic” design of it, I still think that it was more of a premade choice (cus I don’t want to think that the original idea was something like “huh, lets just place a big blocky castle there that has no loot around but looks cool” that then got fixed by a big quest line with final boss fight :slight_smile: )

The interior of the castle really seems to just be designed with the “boss arena” aspect in mind more than anything else, similar to the Scorpion-7 boss arena, and both versions of the Aegis excavation site boss arena (although those weren’t necessarily designed by Nelson).

So it may just come down to “gameplay” first, and it was more practical for it to not be part of the environment. Lot easier on Nelson to do boss fights in a completely separate environment, and a lot less cheesing can happen like that too.

So if the boss fight or any sort of gameplay idea was the main thing, then there is no real reason for a structure of that size to not be part of the environment for the fun of exploration.

Boss fights don’t exactly work in Unturned in an open environment.

Ofc not, thats what I meant with

Edit: What I mean is that if making big structures of that size won’t really harm performance, then the there is no real reason not to add them even in 3.0 now (i.e. open the seattle tower), and the reason why they haven’t been added before is simply because Nelson didn’t think about it

Just to let y’all know, the inside of the castle is bigger than the outside :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Believe me, I looked in the editor.

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plot twist
Well I guess that we all knew that, still he could’ve be like:
"since I have to make the inside somewhere else, why not make it bigger"
if the internal was really a way to respond to all those requests.

If it was a premade idea, well it doesn’t change that much. But if the internal was not planned at all, then probably he tried to do it first but then realized that was ridicously small, kinda like:
"shiet my room is bigger then this castle"
thing that maybe forced him to build the place somewhere else.

I guess we’ll never know.

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