Make unturned || have more types of progression (and other suggestions in general)

What i am suggesting is repairing items makes them stronger if you survive a shot to the chest multiple times and then repair that item it would give you more protection, same with tools and guns perhaps even walls if you had the correct materials since theres only so much you can do to fix a wood wall (this would lower loot x servers that will no doubth pop up since they are so popular in unturned, since shooting a gun would lower its durability whitch would then allow you to fix it making it better and that would be easy to do in servers where ammo is plentifull) Fixing wouldnt be that easy to achieve as i think work stations should be a thing fixing a gun would either need another gun to be scrapped or for you to craft individual components after learning them. Those components would each have a durability that would along with skills in repair, how good the workstation is, what tools it has, and how good they are contribute to how much durability is added to the repaired item. (Workstations needing tools added to it could be a nice way to progress as it would make repairing cost less as you get better items)

Every item should have stats making some better even if they havent been repaired at all that would make keeping clothing much more common its a survival game everything should be valuable for clothes it could be some dry faster, give more protection, are lighter,give better radiation protection, give more space (space should be a stat with military clothes just having a higher chance for larger space), for guns it could be some shoot faster, have better recoil, reload faster, jam up less. And for tools it could be efficiency, how fast it breaks, how much materials you collect, how fast/good it repairs other items/buildables, how fast it removes a builable item. All of these could get better as you repair the item multiple times.

I would also like for it to be so during, near and after bloodmoons light would not be visable unless its part of the world, a teammate of yours or a placed item giving off light to encourage the use of a lightsource light could be replaced with a glitchy texture whitch would be hard to see since it would be dark unless you had a flashlight on yourself but it would also alert the player who had the flashlight on (stalker zombies could be nice ones that follow you outside of the town and if you go inside a base they would spawn a horde that would attack your base).

If these suggestions are too much for unturned || even adding them to the current game could be nice perhaps as a new type of gamemode

I dont think the first suggestion makes any sense at all. Why would repairing a broken item make it stronger? If anything it should be weaker but I dont think that should be added.

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If you break it then yes but what if you find a 20 % item and fix it or fix an item that has 80% durability (if you fix a tool you can either make it from the same handle as it had or get a better handle so it would hold out longer have a better grip allowing you to swing it faster) Thats why i also suggested a workstation without the workstation it could work like it has in unturned untill now with the workstation you would need extra materials and tools to work on the item you are repairing thus making it better…

This works with some things but not others, like if your clothes have a hole and you sew it up, that in turn pulls on the surrounding fabric, stretching it out and making it weaker. Repairing things shouldn’t give them better stats, rather, modifying things would be a better and more intuitive option.


Either way you call it it could be a good addition with modifying it would be more like an upgrade whitch would have an upper limit i would like it to be realistic but not too realistic so you always have something to strive for in the game. If you by repairing your tools and clothes could make them better then theres an incentive to do so. With how im portaying it you might think its get shot in the helmet and suddently it can take 2 of those shots to deal the same amount of damage, but it can be scaled so only longterm can you achieve anything near half the damage, also diffrent types of damage could have diffrent stats so playing on a server only fighting zombies wouldnt give you protection against gun shots at all at best it would be blunt/sharp damage reductions (unless you count the gun turrets and bandits that i hear might be added as gun shot damage…) All of these ideas are to make unturned || a game where someone raiding your base dosent throw everything on the ground as it can either be used directly or scrapped into components that can be then used in some way… Hopefully the maps will be much larger making survival a larger aspect of the game creating a need for these types of changes.

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