Making guns rare doesn't discourage PVP effectively

Note: I agree that guns should be made rarer and 3.0 definitely made them too common, but I don’t think they help with PVP.

A lot of people argue that making guns rarer is going to discourage PVP, but it might actually do the opposite. Making guns rare doesn’t change the way players play, just the way they kill.

Think of the last time you played on a PVP server. How many fresh spawns rushed you with nothing but a rake? The fact that they didn’t have access to a firearm didn’t change their decision to kill you, just their capability. Making guns more rare actually can have the opposite effect because it encourages people to mindlessly zerg players who have guns and other rare items.

A more effective system to discourage PVP is to make it much less rewarding for the attacker, such as restricting how much they can take from someone, or creating a sort of “sanity” system that punishes every day server psychopaths.

TL:DR guns are just the popular way to PVP because they are effective, but are not the cause of PVP.


Unturned had a sanity system in the past, and it was pretty horrific.

So what you’re suggesting will not work, hence why nobody bothers to suggest anything remotely related to it.


Decrease layers if you are hungry
hallucinations if you are hungry
needing a kill should be for food and medicine pills
I think a good idea


I’m not really advocating for any specific solution just that the “making guns rare” system isn’t going to help. It honestly might be best just to accept that most online interaction is going to be PVP.


Unturned had a sanity system!?!?


If guns and ammunition are rare and expensive, and the level design allows players to see eachother well before entering melee range, PvP would be discouraged.

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integration of many players in the same faction I think would help
missions from a faction that can be made with other players (with foreign players)
missions to kill big zombies (BOSS ZOMBI)
mission to kill horde zombi
and if you kill a faction player with you you’re kicked out of that faction and you do not get the reward (food, gun ,ammo, water)

Making guns rare doesn’t change the way players play, just the way they kill.

i could make so many gun control jokes about this statement, you would not believe


Yeah I had to supress that urge as well.

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In either 1.0 or 2.0, Unturned had a sanity system, but it took things a little too far and people were going insane left, right, and center with little way of avoiding it

I think one of the big things that should help punish killing is zombie/npc ai. These should get attracted to you, especially in big cities/deadzones, making killing players with guns (or risking their fire in return) very risky.

I think that’s just one way to help, but not really fix it. Unless killing in the game uninstalls it, people are always going to try to kill one another. We can at least try to lessen the chance of this by adding outside risk.

Another area we should be looking at is helpful player to player interactions that promote trust and cooperation. NPC safezones could be interesting “social spaces” where players can talk with one another, for example.


They should add a reward system for not killing others. Like how GTA Online rewards $2000. Examples for 4.0 include: 50XP, Less Hunger/Thirst, or Reduced damage from zombies/players.


Can you show me the sanity system? I think it would be cool to have a working sanity system

The only reason you get jumped by naked people with sticks is because you have full gear most if the time. You see someone with a gun and a good backpack and all, so you kill him to take his stuff. But if barely a few people are gonna have guns, they’re gonna be more focused to search for food and meds.

Let me share my honest experience in Unturned.

As one of these naked people I can attest that I like to jump EVERYONE and not just armed people. For the sheer thrill, adrenaline and bloodlust.

Instead of looking for food, I look for cloth so I can make a bedroll and abuse the living hell out of the respawn system.

After my bedroll is placed I desend into full blown nihilism and attack anything that moves because Unturned has cultivated me this way.

Its quite literally kill or be killed.


same dude

-I killed a naked player
-because i can and it’s fun

(Literally why i kill everyone i see)


The very top message said “restricting how much they can take from someone.” I strongly disagree there are servers that make it so you only drop your gun or something. IF YOU DIE. I think more than just me would get pissed if you saw a dead body on the ground with a backpack and good clothing and maybe a bedroll you wanted but you couldn’t pick it up because who knows why its fucking glued to them. Not being able to take ALL of there items is very unrealistic and if you just respawn with the stuff they DIDNT take that would also be super realistic. And i think reducing guns WOULD decreace PVP because if your running around with a gun you wouldn’t want to go get in a fight and have the chance of loosing such a rare item.

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that would also be super UNrealistic

definitely agreed.

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