Manned Machinery

This deals with the interaction of mechanized equipment in the Unturned environment. The player would be able to interact with items such as:

  1. Cranes (Construction of blockades)

  2. Mining equipment (Drills mainly)

  3. Barricaded MGs or AA (Being able to hunker down an MG for permanent base defense)

  4. The repair of destroyed vehicles littered around the map (The convoy tunnel in Cyprus)

  5. Drones? (Scout out an area for zombies, players, and loot)

Now, I hope most of these are self explanatory, except for the drones, so I will elaborate. I think that drones that can only be used on the ground may not be such a bad idea, as for instance drones could be used to scout out Deadzones for loot, a player’s base (but only if there is an opening), and can be used to scout ahead for possible zombies.

I thought of the drones as I read that people thought about CCTVs, and that these could just simply be on a mobile platform.


+1 for all except drones. Being able to use cranes and static vehicles would be dope


Please elaborate on drones, what about them do you not like or want changed?

Like maybe you would have to move the crane to access some areas?

For this to be enjoyable, I would also like to be able to stand on a car, and not just phase through it. Like in gta if the drives crash you fall off or something. Cause u and your friend are on a crane and one is turning it but u just slide off, un-cool.

Being able to place down an MG might be pretty cool. Although it might not help toward the survival aspect in very many ways, I’m sure we’ll find a way to use it :wink:

Seems like too much effort to me. Say I see an office building and I want to get to the top floor: I’m not gonna go get in the crane so I can move the container it has to let me onto the top floor, I’m just going to give up.

I was thinking you could also move objects blocking the way out of the way.

What if your base was in that building, and you have a sweet ride that you wanted to defend? Load it on the crane, and up she goes to safety.


Authoritative physics is specifically a limitation artificially placed on 3.0 to counter hackers. Ever since Battleye was introduced, it has become unnecessary.

As such, we can expect that in 4.0 auth physics will not be put in, and you won’t have to worry about the whole glitching through vehicles problem.

Can you explain how that would stop hackers? it seems very interesting. Do you mean like 1 guy is driving a truck while the other is aimbotting with a fully automatic (hacked) timberwolf?

it was supposed to stop fly hackers.

It’s a thing involving the physics of the game that prevents fly hackers, because back in the day they were literally everywhere. Originally introduced back when Unturned only had VAC protection, this is no longer necessary as Battleye would detect fly hackers because of their modified code.

Basically, imagine this from the game’s standpoint. If someone’s standing on the vehicle, and considering vehicles have really sloppy physics to begin with, it’s almost like flying. You’re technically in the air, because you’re not standing on a building or object. As a result, the game has trouble being able to tell if you’re flying or not and tries to ground you, which explains why A) you phase through the car because the game is fighting its own physics and B) if you try to jump while on the car, you get sent right back down.

As added proof that I know it’s because of authoritative physics, before this was implemented I could stand on cars just fine. They have been around for all of 3.0’s history, after all.

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