Some more 4.0 Ideas,

Okay so we all have seen how the houses have doors and such, including garage doors, so heres some ideas…

  1. Obviously, doors that need to be powered, like elevator doors, kinda like this
  2. This would kinda work with the elevators system idea I had a while back, but maybe the elevators would be needed to access new places. like say, you had to power up an elevator to get up to another floor of a building/ another level of an underground facility.
  3. Possibly a way to set up objects to move to a different area when activated, so basically, you can use two or three objects to set up the route of the object, and you can decide whether it needs power to function or now, would also go good for people who want to use other objects as doors, SO basically you use 2 objects as a base, then those will basically become invisible checkpoints for the object, but the checkpoints have to be the same object or it wont work.

    top elevator is checkpoint 1, bottom would be checkpoint 2, once powered, the elevator can move between those 2 points, example, one door here is the closed position, the other is open position.
    This would also work well with this post Manned Machinery

    Any object could be used for this. It could also be used to make spinning wind turbine blades, using these fixed positions, and considering it would have an animation of going in between those 2 points, it would be useful.
  4. I know this has been said before, but maybe a sort of npc generator in the workshop tab int he menu, it would basically work sorta like character customization, except you can add responses and such easier.
  5. The same sort of thing except for notes, would be much simpler, I myself can make notes but tbh it would help all those lazy people xd
  6. Ability to host servers where only friends you have on steam/ whatever other programs will run 4.x can join, so basically a public server that only works for friends.
  7. More power sources, Since we will be able to build more complex stuff, I would like to see solar power, or mini wind turbines, or maybe even a similar system to a dam except it doesn’t block off the whole river, sorta like a mill.
  8. Tell me some more ideas.
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Doors and garages dont need to be powered.

SOME doors, need to be powered, and usually garages for houses use power to open.

Well, metal wooden and jails wouldnt need power, but vault would.
And garages Doors dont need power. Like in my house, thoses can be open with a key without electricity

Maybe iron garage doors need to use power (because they are heavy)

yes, thats what I meant.

funny how all the sudden people are replying

well maybe we are a lot at this time (and its week end)
To the topic i think that all heavy parts (doors fences ) should be powered. And I like the idea of differents ways to produce electricity (solar and wind power are very good)

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yeah, and also using the flow of water in streams to generate power as well.

well that could also be interesting to use, but yes like you said more a mill and not a full dam, I mean if it’s implemented that could be terrible with water mechanics, like flooding everything uphill. And way to difficult to build. And I don’t know what other way to produce electricity could be used.

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wait wait wait, so everybody understood what I meant with elevator and doors stuff?

It’s seem’s so , it’s no too complicated after all

well I was worried people wouldnt understand, so I kinda over explained it

Well the system is a bit strange to use but it could be interesting (the elevator for example)

yeah. It would, you could also make it do a crane would lower a container and you could get the stuff inside of it.

Ah but for this why not use the cabin of the crane and lift or lower the container ? I mean it’s more logical.

yeah thats what I meant, you would need to go up there to access the controls, but you would need to power the crane.

Ok! yea I like the idea of using a crane it has so many uses (killing zombies is one of those).I hope in 4.x all vehicles (I mean the non movable ones ) can be used it has a lot of potential.

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I agree, plus as I said on the other post, we could use it to get to other places.

By other places what do you mean?