Many questions about many things that everyone wants to ask

-Any time estimates for the beta or final game?
-Any new method to create servers as a menu added to the game itself?
-What can we expect from beta?
-Already decided whether everyone will have access to beta or will it be for guests only?
-3.0 Will you still receive updates? even though it is currently a choice between PVP games?
-Will we have new types of zombies?
-What can we expect from the new construction mechanic?
-As for what Nelson said about transformed versions of the players we can play as zombies? Will I have to kill a zombie version of me to retrieve my items?
-When will we see the new models of the vehicles?

That is all, just a few questions that I have in my mind and probably many also have them, I hope to have answers for some of them I know that many of them can not be answered yet but I thought they should be here.

I don’t think he has any way to get an accurate estimate, and doesn’t want to disappoint people by giving out an estimate that would inevitably be cited as a deadline, by some people (not gonna name names or anything.)

I believe that’s been mentioned in a Devlog.

Check the Trello and Github

Pretty sure there were either plans for a closed beta and potentially an open beta further along, or the open beta is the one that’s planned and the closed beta is the one that’s just being considered. (I don’t remember which though)

3.X will continue to get patches, bug fixes, and curated content, but nothing else is planned AFAIK.

That’s probably not set in stone yet.

I don’t know, though I’m pretty sure he’s focusing on vehicles right now, so it might be soon.

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Sounds like many of these could easily be answered by you reading over these:


As of right now it is already possible to host a local server with a single click in Unturned II.


Have you ever read any of the devlogs or trello posts? The only two that really haven’t been answered yet is the release date, and vehicle stuff.

I wanna know what’s his current take on the enemies are.

More descriptive concepts beyond the Trello entry, rough designs, etc.

(maybe later…)


Yes I read, the part I told of the transformed players came from Trello, I see all the devlogs

So answer me, what can we expect from the new construction method?, Will we have new types of zombies ?, Answer me the beta will be free for all or will it be intended for guests only? Come on, I’m waiting.

First off, you cant expect me to respond right away. Right now inbetween classes at school.

The very first beta will probably be for a select few people, like reaver, molt, and yarr. Probably active people who have time to play and stress test the first version. The second version will probably a gold only beta, and then there might be an open beta, then the full release.

I dont know what you mean by construction method.

For now, all the enemies that have been suggested (by Nelson) will be normal zombies (not suggested by nelson, but highly likely to return) and wall clingers, which would be kind of like a HL2 barnacle.

So, if you truely read all the devlogs, and all the trello posts, then you wouldn’t need to ask the question :wink:


As for the zombies Nelson did not say anything about zombies either in trello or devlogs so I asked the question, all questions were based on Trello things like the players changed, according to you only answered 2 questions and it was practically nothing of trello or devlogs by taking the beta portion of a closed group of people that Nelson said could be an option, so basically even if I had written all the content of trello and devlogs I would have those same doubts.:wink:

For sure this. Knowing more about the Turned and other possible enemy types, even if we only see a mere concept (or just get more written information, either would be cool) would be more than enough for me.

(A working, animated Turned would be even cooler, but that’s unrealistic)

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Are you dim? Read the gosh darn trello! You are literally just ignoring me and it doesnt help that you are not even trying to add in punctuation!

Edit: Here, I’ll even link you to the darn card!

In case you didnt know, there are 2 trellos. The wishlist, which is old AF, and the roadmap (which pretty much has confirmed features [I think, @MoltonMontro correct me if I am wrong])

Adding onto Kingfrogs post. if you dont realise, the Turned are 4.0s Zombies

The Turned card just talked about zombie players, apocalyptic buildings with plants and plants that give rise to non-zombie monsters, are you dumb? It seems like you did not read the trello.

in fact turned of creatures “in general” in this card the only mentioned zombies are the transformed versions of players in which I mentioned in the post

I tried to help you, but you arent recognising that that is about zombies, and wall clinger creatures. Im done. I guess i’ll let you drown in your thought and hostility…

Thanks for the concern, but I do not need your help reread the card turned on trello and I’ll come to the conclusion that I’m right neither a new zombie was mentioned beyond the version of the transformed players.:wink:

Turned might be about zombies but the current content has nothing on new zombies beyond the transformed version of the players, so do not come up with this silly conversation

The question was answered. You guys need to stop throwing shade and insulting each other’s intelligence.

The Trello card answers your question. You asked for information on zombies, saying none has been provided. That is false. The Trello card mentions several types of Turned.

It mentions growths, ceiling-mounted grapplers (likely akin to Barnacles), Turned versions of players, general “monsters,” and an overall design that is very dark with visual organic mutations.

So to answer your original question:



This type (as KingFrog actually pointed out) hasn’t been confirmed by Nelson. I think the argument stems from the lack of information on normal zombies, and a lack of clarity as to what different people meant by “zombies” at different points in the thread.

Now a decent answer.Answering about the monsters I thought they were new creatures besides zombies just like Ravest spoke depends on what a zombie is for each person, I thought so “monsters? Not the reason to speak monster and not zombie” and then started the discussion.But I mentioned about the transformed players … I’m just saying I fought too much in this post I do not want to get into trouble (you’re moderator and I think you can kick me out of the forum).