MapJam Community Poll + MapJam Winners

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The 16 days have passed, the judges have play-tested the maps and have reached a verdict, and now it’s time for you to cast your vote.

  • Apparently I forgot to mention this on the original post- but only the judges’ votes count towards getting the fancy weapon skins. The community vote is merely here to show your thoughts on a certain map, while also giving them a nice looking “community vote” banner that the map makers can decide to put onto their workshop page.

Now, I would like to apologize for how badly managed the contest was at times. I didn’t specify a lot of things and I took note of that for the next time. This is the first time that Unturned gets some sort of mapping contest so I didn’t know exactly what to do, but with mistakes come progress. The next MapJam will be changed accordingly. Thanks for sticking with us everyone!

Vote here.

Community votes will close in 2 days


As for the judges’ picks…




Congratulations to the winners!

Edit: I won’t be revealing the judges for this contest, but maybe the next you’ll get to see the new judges :slight_smile:

And for anyone curious on the simple notes we took on each map, here you go.

Really well made items and ideas, they didn’t do much but it what was there was really nicely done. The map however, in terms of design- is really bland and boring. The layout generally is servicable.

Visually pleasing map with gameplay being geared towards CQC (close quarters combat). The map with more than 12 people could really turn into a cluster of bullets which is due to the badly designed ship and overall layout.

Pirate Cove:

  • Cool concept, mediocre execution. In two weeks, they did a servicable job.
  • Models aren’t in the typical Unturned Style, even without that style, they aren’t appealing enough to redeem themselves.
  • Lots of custom content to really fit into theme.

Land of the Unknown:
Incredibly weird layout, dependant on 6 or so different maps which gives the map a completely inconsistant colourscheme. Made by a newcomer to creating however. With that said however, it’s a very interesting and compelling concept with a nicely made lobby. The map is incredibly reminiscent of the early days of the Unturned workshop which really gave it a strong nostalgia factor.

Simulation: Really cool concept, NPCs in Arena…except that it’s broken and you can’t spawn into the map without cheats. If polished, with more custom content and locations could be a really nice concept coming to fruition.


very nice congrats to all the winners


Well done to everyone who entered in the competition.


So close!


Congratulations Botana! :smiley:
This was a great competition, hope to be in more in the future!


wow, there sure was a lot of competition for the prizes


now, who were the judges :eye:


That’s what I want to know. I want to the know the individual reviews.


Woah, it was pleasure participating :griefer_zombie_:


If only more people actually realized how easy mapping and modding for Unturned is.


I bet there would’ve been way more competitors but the thing was made on such a poor time… Most of the EU still have school/exams… We had to drop out since 2 of us still had school and that’s the reason we didn’t finish on time… I hope there will be a similar competition again soon… Great job with it either way.


There will for sure be another MapJam in the future. Apologies for the timing! Dropping out was a bad idea though. Submitting an incomplete entry is always better than not submitting one at all.


Yeah I had to battle exams at the same time as the competition, which led to a major lack of detail and patches.

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Greet because when started working on my I felt so much bornout , even what was done wasent to much as the frist idea on’t point of view ,
Congrats to everyone how participate in this contast :blush::blush::v::+1:

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One day I’ll get of my ass, but not this time

oh my goodness the pirate cove got in 3rd



If it makes you happy, I’m retconning Freighter lore to make it so everyone is a pirate. xoxo

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could we potentially get some workshop links to the winning maps? maybe even some of the runner ups?

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Collection of all the maps. ^