The Unturned 3.0 MapJam

Welcome all to the first Unturned Mapping contest! (MapJam)

You have two weeks (+ TWO EXTRA DAYS)* to create an arena map (sized Small/Tiny) with a custom premise!
Edit: You are allowed to work with a team of up to three people, but you must list who they are on the workshop page.

Maps will be judged on…

  • Custom content.

I.E new weapons, foliage/scenery, etc.

  • Variation of objects.

You cannot use modded objects not made by you or your team. Objects made by Nelson or other curated teams are allowed, but you must specify what discontinued curated map objects have been used.

  • Unique concepts/ideas.

Either new locations/premises to brawl in, or unique ideas to create fresh gameplay.

  • Solid design.

How well designed your map is. Is it compounded? Headache inducing? Etc. It should be an intuitive map that has good design that benefits the player’s understanding of the layout.

The Rewards? Custom Golden, Silver and Bronze skinned weapons that create custom ragdolls.
Edit: by ‘two items’ and ‘three items’, I dont mean that you get that amount of items, but rather that amount of chances to get one item.

In terms of judging, there is a base panel of anonymous players that only Nelson and I know of.
Not only that, but you, dear reader, will also have a chance to vote for your favorite map through an anonymous Google Form.

Send in your maps here, good luck everyone!

*Two extra days for everyone due to me posting late on the Steam Forums and /r/Unturned.
Cutoff date for submissions is 9PM EST on the 12th of June!

Submissions have been closed

Here is a link to the collection of entries submitted to the MapJam!


hey that’s pretty cool


that desert map looks super cool is it official I’ve never played it


let’s keep it that way


No. It has nice trees.

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Ohhh this seems fun.

I want to get 3rd place, I mean 3 items! That’s a lot of items!

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looks like the Kuwait is finally over



@Brivdon Are you thinking what I’m thinking? It’s rebar time.

Hmm, seems I should’ve explained this too. 3 items doesnt mean you get three items, but rather that you get three chances to get a bronze item. Two chances to get a silver and only one to get the gold.

Sorry for the confusion, will edit the post accordingly now.

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May be a bad question but with the team size is it a total of three people or you and three other people?

Total of three.

If we cant know who are the judges, then how many are there?

And why create this contest now? Some people are still in school, while others aren’t. It seem a little unfair for those that have all day every day to waste slaving away at the limited two week time period.

Not to mention the end of the school year has the most classwork, most homework, and tons of exams/tests to take. It seems a little irresponsible to do it now.

two chances to get second place…? three chances to get third…? this is mighty confusing.

And I forgot how to do masterbundle

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For the judges, just know its an odd number to avoid stalemates.

As for the timing, too bad. Find a team willing to help you out. I have school as well for the next two weeks. Its just a part of life, that doesn’t mean you dont manage your time. Good luck if you’re willing to participate.

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3 map entries, 3 judges, 3 votes each is a stalemate.

My grades are more important. :slightly_frowning_face:

Then don’t join the contest.

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There will always be people that are still in school. A lot of people do not have school right now. A lot of people have several more months until the end of the school year. It depends on your school district, your type of education, and where in the world you live.

Two weeks seems like it’s intentionally supposed to be a quicker competition, sorta like 48-hour events are.

Fairly certain it’s:

  • 1st place gets gold trophy skins
  • 2nd and 3rd place get silver trophy skins
  • 4th, 5th, and 6th get bronze trophy skins.

Misread your original situation. @AnimaticFreak could/should clarify a bit more on it.

I’d assume it’s a point system, with voting on each individually, although that wouldn’t resolve potential stalemates.


If you need help with masterbundles I know how to do them.