Maybe use some sort of hive as spawn points for zombies?

Maybe there could be like zombie hives in places like caves,metros etc. and they spread out from there around the map , which could maybe fix zombies spawning inside bases.

This is rather unspecific.

Could you elaborate on how this would both mechanically and practically work?

Yeah sorry im thinking maybe like mass spawn points for zombies to stop zombies just spawning instantly out of nowhere in a house you cleared.
It could for example be a metro tunnel where zombies spawn and they would go out and roam the map.
Sorry if still a bit unspecific.

Sorry I just cant explain it right.

@GreatHeroJ maybe he meant something like this (also discussed before).


Yeah, I was wondering why this sounded so familiar. If executed properly I think this’d be a nice addition. Zombie spawns shouldn’t be fully reliant on these spawners, but they’d be special hotspots for zombie spawns (somewhat similar to a mob spawner in Minecraft, I suppose).

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