Maybeeeee Taser?

Tasers are used for kidnapping someone,knocking them out, handcuffing them,You could drag someone and put them in your car,and Taking someone to your base with force no need to use microphones. Has 10m range and if one person got hit by a taser he will shake and have a ragdoll thing,and you can open his

Hope you like it :smile:

Good for roleplay, bad for a survival game.
Would be better off as a mod, in my opinion


Nah i don’t think it is bad for a survival game

it’s a good idea!
i love it!

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Yeah. When I see that zombie in front of me, i want to STUN it, not kill it.


In what way?

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Alot,That a word cannot express

A word can, and I’m pretty sure it’s nothing you can’t think of.
So please explain how a taser is good for a survival game

Pls don’t act smart on me just think how is it good for a survival game just think of it i know you can or maybe not that’s why your asking pls lets do not compete what is right or what is wrong.

Already posted my thoughts here. I don’t see the point on making the same topic in a different category considering this forum isn’t big enough.

We’d like to hear your opinion on this. You’re posting Steam Discussion-grade messages.

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Nah just posting it here on the 3.0 i really want it to be in the 3.0 too.Sorry about the You’re posting Steam Discussion-grade messages that thing that i cannot understand i am very sorry and i cannot tell you my opinion im very sorry.Oh you know just a 8 years old doing some stuff on forums that everybody hates

No need for justification. Just put thought and consideration that messages you post here are for everyone in the forums including those just passing by.

Your opinion on the tasers idea matters, so that readers of the topic can compare perspectives of all participants.

Your suggestion, your explanation
So please, do explain your stance on this idea

Its for Roleplay,PVE and Just kidnapping people for no reason

I’m sorry to tell you, role play isn’t vanilla.

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Oh ok ahhhh this needs to be 10 characters so thats why im typing this