Medical Items

Medical Items


First, I apologize if there has ever been a topic talking about it, but with a little research I have NOT found any topic talking about it. So here it is.

Of course, when we think of post-apocalyptic survival, it almost always comes to mind: guns, food, water and medicine. These are in most games of this style and undoubtedly can not be missed in Unturned II, but better worked than in 3.0. But before we go to the Medical Items, let’s look at how health should or might work in my opinion.

Player Health

I believe this should be worked out more complexly than in Unturned 3.0. Starting with the way it is.
I like the idea of ​​a health bar, it’s simple and functional, I really don’t think it’s necessary to move it, but the way it can be recovered can undoubtedly change.

Regenerating Health

I believe that the medical items in Unturned II should only be to assist the player in regenerating their health, some of which may have side effects (these will be discussed later). The real way to regenerate health should be by staying healthy.

Leaving your hunger bar and thirst at a certain percentage (something like 80% or 85%) will begin to regenerate your Health bar, staying warm and / or comfortable near a fire or within your base also catalyses this regeneration. . Therefore, medical items will not be synonymous with health, but staying healthy will be synonymous with health.

“But how does this improve gameplay ?!”

This makes the game more difficult, players will be more cautious when breaking into a base or entering a city and even fighting against the Turneds and other players. They will have to wonder if this is really necessary, if it is worth the risk.

We don’t have that in Unturned 3.0, as even though the player is surrounded by dozens of turneds he can easily run, jump into a drugstore, pick up and use whatever he finds and he’ll be ready for combat again.

Keeping this in mind, let’s talk about the medical items.

Existing Unturned 3.0 Items (which I would like to continue)


In most games, bandages are the simplest healing items: you use them, they stop bleeding and regenerate some health.

However I find this quite unrealistic and flawed as it allows players, after taking a lot of damage to use various bandages to completely regenerate their health.

“So how could we fix this?”

Simple, removing health regeneration from the bandage should only stop bleeding without regenerating health, thus preventing the player from losing more health.


Painkillers are also very simple to use: you use them and they regenerate instantly part of your health.

It is very practical indeed, but I still believe it can be improved.


Doing them like 7DTD, which when you take them, they have an effect on the player, and that effect gradually regenerates your health. Having an effect of 1 or 2 minutes, enough to heal about 15% or 20% of the player’s health.


Interesting point

In real life, antibiotics are bad for your health, and they are only used to treat bacterial infections that can do more harm than the antibiotic itself, so they were meant to reduce the player’s health and not increasing it, but that would make them almost useless, so that’s not part of my idea, it’s just a point I’d like to stress here.

Antibiotics are usually very strong medicines that regenerate a great deal of health in Unturned 3.0, making them, in my opinion, the strongest medical item in the game!

Personally, I like it, but I think they should regenerate a much lower amount of health than Unturned 3.0, maybe even give the player side effects, such as a 30% chance of hallucinating the player, making him so an item that must be thought of before use as well as in real life. It would be used to treat infections from infected bites or cuts.
The effect would last about 2 minutes, which would remove any kind of infection and cure about 30% of health, the side effect would come during the two minutes of the main effect, but would only last 30 seconds or 1 minute.


I know antibiotics treat bacteria and not viruses, but for gameplay purposes, let’s pretend they treat viruses too :wink:


Vitamins work quite simply, and I believe they shouldn’t change much, they would be the items. most common doctors to meet in the game, so its effects should not be too powerful.

It should add an effect to the player that would last about 15 or 30 seconds, which is about 5% or 10% of the player’s health, as well as improving their disease bar by 5%.

Medical Syrup

Similar to Vitamins, They should be quite common, and add a vitamin-like effect that would regenerate about 15% of the Health bar in 30 seconds, and improve the disease bar by 7%.


Morphine is one of the most useless medical items in all of Unturned, it gives no reason for the player to use. Unlike in real life, the character in the game doesn’t feel pain, so it doesn’t make much difference using morphine or not, but you don’t need to add the pain effect to make it more useful.

It could work as follows: After being used, it puts the effect on the player who, in addition to regenerating some health (about 15% or 20%), receives less damage (a 15% decrease in 20%) also causes broken bones not to hinder the player from running and / or jumping (they do it less efficiently, but they still do). The effect would last for 4 to 5 minutes and after that would give one or more negative effects to the player, such as loss of stamina (in real life, it can cause respiratory arrests), hallucinations, speed loss, etc. that would last about 1 and a half minutes, this would avoid using morphine as an OP item.


Adrenaline is an item that has a lot of potential, just like the morphine that was mentioned earlier, but which in Unturned 3.0 doesn’t serve exactly well, regenerating stamina as well as an energy bar or an energy drink.

It is even funny that a relatively rare medical item may be just or slightly higher than a normally more common food item. Therefore I believe that it should work in a different way.
In addition to regenerating stamina, it should also increase player speed by 20% or 30%, as well as increase handling speed, both for weapons and other items. The effect of Adrenaline would last about 3 minutes and after that would give the player a shivering effect and / or water loss (due to excessive sweating), which would last about 1 minute, which would make it difficult to aim and who Knowing would decrease the speed and utilization of items and / or reload time.


I almost forgot about them :sweat_smile:

They are very useful items, almost, because the bone regenerates in a short time.
Again, I believe it should look like 7DTD, when a splint is used, it should regenerate the bone in a few minutes, something like 2 or 4 minutes and should have no side effects.

Blood Bag

This is the most OP item in the game, and with meaning.

Still, the one thing to change: The duration of the animation, it should take about 10 seconds, and the player should stay still, the same could not move when the animation began, during those 10 seconds the health of the player would be completely regenerated, that’s right, it regenerates 100% of the player’s HP. Its “side effect” would be that the player would be completely vulnerable while using it.

Medkit and Suturekit

This is the coolest item in the game, which in my opinion should be worked as Container Items that allow you to fill them with other medical items and use them all at once, or an item that after the click. the right button would open a small menu just like the weapons attachments just like srr-sanctimonious-III talked about a topic about medkits so I’ll leave the link¹ at the end of this one.


(From the first idea) Suppose you have a medkit with a splint and a bandage, so you fall from a height high enough to break a bone and get bleeding, let’s also assume that the animation of using the bandage and splint lasts 2 seconds each, so if you use both, it will give a total of 4 seconds. If you use the medkit, it will consume the bandage and splint inside it at a time, within 3 seconds (example only).
(The second idea) It’s pretty self explanatory, right ?! :wink:

The suturekit would be a weaker medkit, which would allow the player to store items such as bandages, splints and painkillers, would be indicated for simpler uses, and would allow the player to treat injuries such as cuts and perforations of shots.
Medkits, on the other hand, would be a suturekit upgrade, which would allow the player to handle all types of medical items and treat virtually all types of injuries, including infections and bites.

Vaccine (?)

The vaccine is one of the strangest items in my opinion, as it is an item that as its description even says: “Mixture of formulas to cure any illness”, this raises many questions.

Why could the infection not be contained?
Why is the world over if they have a vaccine (which is not that rare) that can cure all diseases ?!

I believe they should remain in the game, but as a very rare item, as it can treat any kind of infection, even in the later stages, and can only be found in laboratories (as in Scorpion 7, for example). ). It would give an effect that would remove all infections and regenerate the player’s life by 5% or 10% as well as recovering the entire disease bar. It would also be the item that would give more negative effects, about 4 or 5 including the same of adrenaline and morphine, as well as others such as hunger, cold, heat, among others. After all, we are talking about a Universal vaccine (this should give side effects of all kinds).

Heatstim (?)

I put it with “(?)” Because I’m not sure if it should be in Unturned II or not.
But I believe it should, although it is not technically a medicine, it should keep the player warm for 5 or 7 minutes, I think that’s just it.

Purification Tablets (*)

This one, I think should be in the game, but should not be ingestible, just an item to purify water.

Items that do not exist in Unturned 3.0, but I would like to see in Unturned II


Ointments should serve as medical items that regenerate long-term life, something like 3 minutes regenerating 15% HP, but could be used multiple times, It would not be an item for immediate use, but a secondary healing item that would have no negative effect. In addition to being found in pharmacies and homes, these could be made by hand, but would have a lower effect than industrialized.


Made to treat exposed wounds and early infections, as well as being able to clean clothes (in caseidea GreatHeroJ’s comes into play, I will also leave Link² of this thread at the end of the thread).
It could have an immediate effect on external infections, as well as treat recent bites, however it should have a tremor effect on the player (simulating pain) and perhaps remove 1% or 2% of Health.


Vaporizers would be similar to ointments but do not regenerate health but serve as a catalyst for other medicines, increasing the speed of effects as well as the speed of regeneration and reducing the duration of the drugs by 5% (negative effects).

If in doubt, the vaporizers are these:

Serum It

Would serve as a weaker blood bag that would remove 2 minutes of negative effects, and add an effect that would regenerate 10% life in 1 minute. The best time to use it would be after using an item like a morphine, but in addition to the animation being as slow as the blood bag, it would also not allow the player to use another serum for 2 or 3 minutes after use, so its negative effect would be a colldown, to prevent serum spam to take negative effects.

Other “Remedies” (Impromptu Remedies)


Teas could be made at the base, with herbs harvested in the wild or found in civilian sites or camps, these would gradually increase health and improve the player’s thirst.

Homemade Serum

Homemade serum is a very interesting medicine that allows you to recover fluids very effectively.
In the game it should be a medicine that, in addition to regenerating some health (something like 5%), also allows the player to regain his thirst bar (something like 30% or 45%), but gives the hallucination effect that lasts about 15 seconds (no doubt it’s the worst taste in the world, unless I tasted :face_vomiting:).


Well, my suggestion is made. Now for the poll.

When we are talking about ideas in general:

  • I liked all ideas
  • I liked some, except …
  • I didn’t like any

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Final Thoughts

Tell me what you think about these ideas, tell me what you disagree with, let’s discuss healthily and try to modulate these ideas.
If you find an error or failure, let me know.
If there is a grotesque spelling mistake, it was because of Translator XD


Link¹: Item Rarity
Link²: Immersive Details: Tainted Clothing


i imagined to possible to craf a homemade medical serum


Look, I forgot about the water, salt and sugar solution that has the worst taste in the universe.
Can I put your idea on the topic?

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Here’s what I think should be done to the current bandages layout assuming we will still have rags, bandages, and dressing in 4.0.

Rags - only stop bleeding.

Bandages - stop bleeding and give like 15% HP back, however once you reach 60% HP you cannot go over it with bandages.

Dressings - Stops bleeding, gives back 35% HP back, limits at 85% HP.

This encourages players to get and carry more sophisticated medical items instead of just throwing in 9 dressings in their backpack and go back to 100% condition everytime.

On top of that, they should all take time. Rags should be real quick, just wrap it around your arm for 4 seconds and boom you’re done bleeding. Bandages should take a little longer, maybe 5 or 6. Dressing should take 6 or 7 seconds. Then medkits should take like 15-30 seconds and blood bags much longer. This way you can’t just constantly HP up over and over again in combat.

Bruh,30 seconds is slow af,15 seconds is good enough.

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I like the ideas but i dont think they should be in unturned , they seem to be too harsh on combat and without advanced cover systems you would get shot , shoot the atacker and both players will wait to heal turning combat intro trench warfare basically
Maybe if you still get a bit of instant healing from bandages like 12 hp or make it so you get healed in a shorter time like maximum 1 minute

I also wanted to point out that if anything adrenaline should make handling the recoil of a gun harder since you seemed to rly want realism this is how it should work (sorry if you didnt mean this , that is what i understood)

At least it wasn’t bad :sweat_smile:

Look, I had not thought of that.
It really wouldn’t make sense to wear dressings and / or bandages if rag would do the same thing.
So, I agree with your point, Rag should be the only ones that don’t regenerate health, but I think 35% is a very high value, equally at 6-7 seconds, I would prefer them to regenerate less health (something like 10%) and take the same amount of time as rags, and the regeneration limit is around 50% for dressings.

Which 30 seconds do you mean?

It’s an interesting point, but as I said, answering ForeverBlue, they should rather cure some health, as the usefulness of bandages and dressing would be compromised, so I believe they should have some health being regenerated instantly, something as 10% health.

I love realism, but as they say here in the forums “realism for the sake of realism is not good” and I agree with that phrase, so if we add an item of NOT mandatory use (other than antibiotics that are required to treat infections) that after the use impairs the ability to defend and attack, players will have no interest in using it.

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Yes @TigerSurvivor


It is a bit complex but it would be really cool. If you look at games like DayZ, Scum, Stranded Deep, etc that have some pure health-related survival elements, they are really cool, fun, and add a challenge. Unturned I just felt way too easy. I hope they add a lot, if not all of these changes, plus maybe a few more that you didn’t mention. Just copy SCUM and we are all good lol!

HUH, i dont need these drugs to help me out in battle!, im to fast no one can hit me

That’s exactly what I wanted from the beginning.
Unturned 3.0 is very easy, you may have just been hit by a mega zombie, just run and wear a dressing that will be all right.

On Russia, even if the server is full, you can easily get end-game gear within an hour. Within 3 hours you can get maxed-gear, and within 5 hours you’ll have enough to raid a few bases. It is too easy and literally the only challenging thing is other players…

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