Minigun nerf?

Hello everyone. It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been on the forums. Recently, due to the status the our world is in, we are forced to stay home for quarantine. That has given me enough free time to go back to Unturned for the time being since I dont have work.

Well, I dont wanna make this post go on for too long so I’ll cut it short.

Was the “Hell’s Fury” nerfed from being able to do structural damage? If I remember correctly, the minigun used to be a good raiding weapon. But now when I tried to raid a base with it, I didnt get the square hitmarker. So I wanna know if it can raid or not. Thanks in advance


Only the Dragonfang can be used as a raiding LMG now. They were all changed with the raiding balance pass.


Not even the Nykorev can do anything?

Since when was there a pass? Did I miss that much?

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A few months back, LMGs were changed. The Nykorev and Hell’s Fury are both low-caliber but no longer able to bypass structural/vehicle armor, while the Dragonfang retains raiding ability but takes high-caliber ammunition.

In the same vein, the Horde Beacon now requires a Detonator in its crafting, making it harder to farm high caliber ammo and LMGs like previously before.

Worth noting is that @Vilespring made a pretty neat thread in response to this balance update on some of his thoughts surrounding further changes to LMGs, and I quite agree with it.


honestly the “nerfs” to good guns really fucking sucked. Now you can’t use a nykorev or a hell’s fury for anything, basically. They were there to be raiding guns, you literally can’t use them for much else. They’re incredibly inaccurate, and can’t effectively be used in combat against players.

So there’s literally no point of them. If they’re going to be completely obsolete, why not remove them entirely from the game? It doesn’t promote player cooperation or any of that shit, it just makes people make charges, which are basically equal to a raiding gun in rarity, even less rare because they’re made from common items (the only “rare” thing you need is a detonator, which is more common than a Nykorev or Hell’s Fury).

So now you have this “rare” gun that serves no purpose, nobody will even want them.


Basically, it makes the DF useless for raiding, because you get way more bang for your buck if you use snipers

just hold right click

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I presume you weren’t entirely serious with that reply, but LMGs are literally outclassed by pretty much any AR and most SMGs in PvP performance. They’re hot trash for a number of reasons.


Hell’s Fury out DPS’s the PDW, so it shouldn’t be completely disregarded.

The Fury was actually one of 3 LMGs I managed to influence in its rebalance. It isn’t super accurate, but the only guns it cannot out DPS in CQB is the Dragonfang (if someone’s mad enough to do that) and a shotgun.

I would say the Fury is more useful than it was before, as it doesn’t break instantly. It’s actually the most durable gun in the game by a long shot, it needs something like 1,000 rounds to go from 100% - 0%. It was going to be changed significantly in the LMG raiding update, I just made sure it kept some semblance of purpose. Sadly the Nykorev wasn’t as lucky.

Dragonfang has insane DPS, highest in the game actually, but its accuracy is hot garbage among other things. I don’t agree with how the Dragon was changed, but I can agree its balanced decently. The Nykorev just… sucks beyond belief.

I don’t think the “rebalance” we had was a good thing for the game.

When you think of a rebalance, you think of balancing and putting guns on similar levels. Unturned did the opposite. Before, nykorev and dragonfang were rare raiding guns. They were equally able to become satan’s windshield wiper on an auto-turret and a reliable raiding weapon.

Now, whenever I see a nykorev I still have a small moment of excitement but it’s disintegrated as soon as I realize it can’t do anything to help me besides being a glorified assault rifle. A pretty shitty one at that.


It especially sucks when it comes to the Hell’s Fury, the gun that’d you think could raid out of all of them.
If any gun needs a rebalance though, it’s the Nykorev. At the very least make it able to reliably kill people, if Nelson wants to only have 1 raiding LMG.

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fuck lmg i use the honybadger and carges